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Welcome to my place from which I examine the world of the young child. There are factors  that may occur that will occur even before conception that may impact on the child’s development. The aim is to provide tips to ensure the baby’s well-being.   The information given covers a wide range of issues about your baby and you.  There are tips to prevent or overcome these issues. These will ensure baby and mother’s well-being.


One of the  most valuable thing for anyone to have is information.  The whole matter of getting information and yet do not use it, is a miscarriage. Maternal and child health practitioners both public and private,  aim is to educate families about the young child. Fortunately, unfortunately, mothers are the ones to be given almost every aspect of promoting their health, their babies health, and well-being.  In doing this, more women are empowered for change.

This author sees information a call to action for good.

Please let me have your comments.

The unborn baby and the newborn’s quality of life somewhat depends greatly on the mother’s quality of life. Consideration must be given of the health status of mother before conception and during pregnancy. Some health situations if not taken care of early or none at all (that is before conception) and even during pregnancy can have negative impact both on mother and infant.

Initially, the mother’s well-being may be assessed by:

  • Freedom from signs/symptoms of diseases
    Some diseases do not show signs nor symptoms early or maybe none at all
  • Feeling of strength and vitality.
  • The drive to do things-Enthusiasm
  •  The overall general feeling of joy, peace, happiness and optimism
  • A mother’s well-being and quality of life is wrapped up in what is generally known as “  health”

What is Health?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (World Health Organization definition).Mother and Baby2
In order to view this definition holistically, the aspect of “spiritual” well-being to this definition may be added.

Illness draws heavily on the mother’s quality of life. Thus, the impact on the baby’s quality of life. Yet illness is not the only thing to cause an adverse effect on the baby from in the womb and even after birth.
Illness and other situations may cause a dual impact on both mother and baby. That was noted to explain that emotional or stressful events can encourage ill-health. Therefore, ill-health can also cause stressful or emotional situations. This combo (emotional distress and illness) may lead up to a powerfully adverse effect on both parties (mother and baby).

Diseases, more so communicable diseases for example, sexually transmissible infections, emotional stress, drugs, nutritional deficiencies and of course to some extent genetic influences passed on by the mother can affect the unborn child.
There is no vertical impact from the father of the child or sex partner (s) of the mother. However, the baby can inherit genetic impact from the father. An example of one of such cases is diabetes. This is not transmitted sexually. The father may transmit a sexually transmitted infection to the mother. However the father cannot transmit this to the unborn child. Only the mother can do this.

What Part Does Spirituality Play?

Spiritual attention directs one to that aspect of life that cause one to feel comfortable. The individual, in this case, mommy is relaxed, experiencing a feeling of being stress-free, optimistic and having the ability to establish and maintain good interpersonal relationships. An unborn baby can detect and be affected by a stressed mother. Spirituality facilitates hope, happiness and peace among such the like.  This happens greatly when one draws one’s a personal belief system for support.  Have you ever had this experience?   What do you think about this?

I have found that in situations when emotions overwhelm me, that reading makes a difference.  Finding the right book to read is also a part of the answer.  Therefore, I recommend that you find a book that will be benefical. Do not allow emotions to get you down. If you do not have a book to answer this I would want to recommend this book below.   One of your choice may still work for you.


Provision and Preparation

The matter of preparation and provision for the unborn child and even after birth is a profound consideration.
A good preparation for the health of the baby demonstrates a good provision for the offspring. The onus is on the woman to ensure ante-natal care and post-natal care. The mother also has the moral responsibility to conduct herself in a way to protect the unborn baby from diseases such as sexually transmitted infections and unnecessary drugs. These can affect baby seriously. She must also pass on positive emotions and love to the baby in the womb and after birth.

Pregnant Lady

The preparation of food, clothing and housing are no less important. Mommy must take care to eat properly for self and baby. Preparation for clothing must have consideration for the type of weather at birth of baby and thereafter. Proper shelter is one of man’s basic needs. The baby fits in this demand readily. Therefore, adequate preparation for housing is quite in order.

I have often considered the fact that a child has no control on these aspects of its life. I mean it is not able to decide or had no choice about:

  • Its mother
  • Its father
  • Rich or poor mother
  • Rich or poor father
  • The house that it will first live in, and for a long time
  • The clothes that it will wear at birth
  • The antenatal (Prenatal) care it will get
  • Who will be its first visitors and the list goes on

The child is born into the world and not being able to care for itself.  It came as an helpless individual.  It had no choice to whom it was coming.   This however lies on the shoulders of parents.  What an awesome responsibility of parenthood.   This child must be prepared for life. Without parents and significant others, the child is vulnerable.

Because of this it has given me very deep consideration to advocate for children.  It is on these bases that I posit that preparation should be seriously considered for the baby .   These considerations should be done all the way and as they move into adulthood.

This definitely means that the necessary early stimulation, training and education should be given to the child from birth.  Social graces must be taught.  The child can not be exposed as a misfit for society.    They should be empowered or equipped by their parents in order that they can stand favorably and  independently into adulthood.

The aim for parents is that they should provide for the child in a way that the child will be so equipped that he or she will do the same for his or her offspring (s) to come.  If the good things are not done, then there is an aim for a vicious circle.

It cannot be over-emphasized that all training begins from the baby stage and gradually develops with age.

As stated In the preceding discourse, in addition,  as a parent, daddy or sex partner, has his role already cut out for him. He must:

  • Support mother while in pregnancy in order that she will give proper support to baby in womb and after birth.
  •  Stay healthy for mother and baby.
  • He must help to see to  it that she stays healthy.  This he can do by assisting her to make the right decisions for her health and also that he himself stays healthy for her.
  •  Assist with household (family) demands

In conclusion I must state that the well-being of the child depends greatly on what is dealt to him  or her by: Parents, nature, society and government to be specific.

Tell me what do you think about this.   Please let me have your comments


14 thoughts on “About Your Baby and You”

  1. I’ve felt very moved watching the rneect news stories about folk trying to feed their frail and elderly relatives in hospital. My Mum was admitted to hopsital in October 2009 with severe congenital heart failure. When she was admitted, my sister and I were told she would not survive and were allowed to sleep in the hospital with her; the monitors were turned off and we were told she would not be resuscitated due to her frailty and the trauma of the procedures. We understood all of this. However, against all odds, my feisty Antrim mother rallied after two weeks. She was still very ill and could not even anticipate feeding herself. The nursing staff clearly didn’t have the time or practice of feeding by hand, although they were all kind, diligent individuals. My sister and I brought little pots of Mum’s favourite foods in. We cooked them, mashed them up, spooned, encouraged, cajoled and nagged. Little by little, she ate.My Mum was extremely fussy and a vegetarian who didn’t really like vegetables. I could see that the staff felt it was a losing battle. But my Mum did leave hospital a month later and had another year in her own home. We saw other elderly patients in Critical Care who couldn’t or wouldn’t eat, whose relatives were either absent or not able to visit regularly. Trays were left for them, often the clingfilm was left over the plates. After half an hour, the trays were collected. Later, the patients’ charts would be marked up showing little or no intake. Surely this becomes a self perpetuating prophesy: such patients are then not expected to survive and this must influence future treatment. I recall that two of these ladies in Mum’s room died before she was discharged. One of the friendliest nurses told me, not without sadness, that the lady in the bed next to Mum had not been expected to survive and that Mum was “lucky” to have her family coming in…

  2. Very good article on how health is an important factor in the life of a pregnant woman and how their husbands can help make them feel comfortable during such periods.

    Up until reading your article, I never knew spirituality played a role in pregnancy. Even though you have elaborated more about it in your article, I will like to know if it is a must or not for every pregnant woman?

    1. , Hi Fidel. Thank you for visiting my site and also for you kind words.

      You asked if spirituality is a must or not for every pregnant woman.

      Based on what has already been put forward, I would say that, knowing all of this, a woman in pregnancy would make a decision according to her desired outcome of her situation. I trust this will answer your question.

      Thanks again for visiting. Please come again.

  3. Hi!
    Thanks for sharing your research and all I can say is that I agree with you 100%.
    A child needs all the help he can get from his parents, grandparents or friends.
    Great article.

  4. This is a good article that hopefully will be read by many expecting moms and dads. Not all expecting moms already understand everything you have presented here. So this would help them greatly. With all the information that is available today more babies can thrive inside and outside of the womb. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I found this site very informative. I wish expectant parents would visit, read and digest. If adhered to a lot of healthy babies would be borned to healthy parents. I am enthused that you have also included spirituality as one aspect to thought of. This is very vital in the process.

    1. Thanks for visiting and participation. Spirituality is an important factor in the mother and child well-being. Thus the inclusion. Thanks again for visiting. Please come again.

  6. Many dads are not aware of the fact that they should be involved in the process of expectancy. This site is a eye opener. Very interesting and informative.

    1. Carolyn thanks for visiting. You are correct to say many dads are not aware that they should be involved in the process of expectancy. However, I must report that I have found that where this is concerned that in recent times there have been steps towards change. More men are stepping up to their responsibilities.

      Thanks for your participation. Please come again.

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