The Call to Responsibility for Mothers in Ensuring Baby’s Well-Being

Have you ever considered that it takes great courage on the part of the woman to bring a child into the world and then after to be the most important person to see to that child’s well-being and its day to day quality of life?   Consider the anxieties to which women are subjected to, with regards to child-bearing and to make sure that all is possibly well for them and babies.

Be Aware of Likely Outcome of Pregnancy

Funnily, there are still women who do not think for a moment of the possible likelihood of an adverse outcome of their pregnancies and the quality of life for their children. Could it be considered that such women are naïve or careless?  I would not think so.  I would consider that they are just not aware.  It is also possible that that they might have thought that having a negative view of something (the birth of a baby and the rearing of children) are just not necessary. They are looking forward to an all joy outcome in every aspect. This may be all that is seen. Women are called to be aware of the likely outcome of their pregnancies.  This fosters corrective measures in adverse situations.

I do request the view of my readers on this point.  Can these mothers be blamed when it is desirable for them to be optimistic? Let me hasten to say optimism must not be taken to be neglectful or complacent.

Be Aware of Responsibilities

Basically, one thing that I know, is that, most women who desire a baby know that responsibilities go with having a baby and to bring it up also.  In fact, the mother who is having a child for the first time carries the greatest concerns as how to take care of the newborn.  Not having an experience throws some doubt on these mothers, about how well they will manage.  Some do manage well.

Ask Questions and Practice

My advice to new moms is to ask questions and seek advice from experienced and Ques. marks 3successful moms. These include family members and friends.   Read much about infant care.  Seek out health care professionals for advice.   Some new mothers might have had smaller siblings and have seen how they were taken care of.  They might have even assisted in taking care of these siblings.  Some of these new moms may feel that from these experiences, assisting, they will do well and some may feel it is difficult to take on the task on their own. The fact is- all that is known is made better in practice, especially when one is in the shaft.  That is the number one person in charge.  The mother is responsible.

What do you think of this? Please let me have your opinion on this point.

Be sensitive to the Needs of the Baby

Generally, a crying baby worries a mother, especially a new mom.  The greatest concern is that the baby cannot say what the problem is.   Therefore, it is the responsibility of the mother to have a full understanding of the likely things that would cause her baby to be complaining.  A mother must be sensitive to the needs of her baby.

Have Personal Touch  with Baby-This Aids Communication

A mother must have a personal touch with her child. This touch starts from in the womb and is emphasized and amplified at delivery.  It is also continued thereafter.   Mother and baby should get to know each other.  A mother and baby will know each other if she has baby and mother #4hands-on touch with the baby. Mothers should not divest motherly responsibilities to others. From the start, the mother has to be there for her child.  Proper communication will then come easily without the baby saying a word.  The same thing follows for everyone else who needs to have great communication with the baby.

Observe- Improve Better Understanding

Observation is a dynamic key in understanding the baby. What would the baby do if he/she wants to sleep, needs a diaper change. How would you know without you inspecting?  How does the baby behave when in pain or needs to eat? Mommy must pick up the cues and interpret baby’s requests. She will understand the funny sound baby is making in the sleep. Is this a joyful dream or is it sorrowful?  What is the cause of baby’s whining? Is the baby in pain?  A mother understands well because of the relationship with baby.    What an awesome responsibility!!  It is a pity that some women who have had babies have missed out on these responsibilities.

Foster Clean environment for the Child

Mommy has a lot to learn as she now understands that the real life is not as easy as playing with dolls.  She now makes sure that baby is properly taken care of. As a matter of fact, this baby cannot and will not be thrown in a box with toys. Baby will not be placed in a bed with unclean sheets. That is if that was the case with her dolls.  Baby needs everything that is clean and appropriate.    The baby needs a suitable environment to live in. Baby has to be well taken care of.

Be Aware of Developmental Needs

Mother now knows that if  the baby is sleeping she will not disturb baby’s sleep for a bath or to say daddy is here.  Neither will she wake the baby to introduce him/her to friends and relatives.  A considerate mom will allow the baby to sleep.  My mother would always remind that the baby’s nervous system is not as strong as adults’ nervous system. Therefore, no noise should be made while the baby is sleeping. There should also be no talking in baby’s room while the baby sleeps.    The baby should be given all the chances to develop a good nervous system. It is often said, that a child that sleeps much grows more.  The mother must see to it that baby is not deprived of sleep. She has to be aware and attentive to developmental needs.

The mother’s responsibility is one of total care to the baby. This does not say that care cannot be given by anyone else.  It means that total care comes under the management of the mother.  Where the baby is concerned, mommy is the main person in charge and in addition she has direct hands-on operation.  She is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for her “Baby Care Establishment”.  She is the one who   sees to and makes sure that the baby is properly taken care of aesthetically, fed, clothed and loved sincerely. She administers and administrate to all baby’s  needs.  She attends to health care, such as paediatric check-ups, including immunization, proper nutrition of the baby, playtime. All in all, as the number one manager, she oversees to the desired milestones of her baby.

Widen the Child’s Environment

Be advised, however, she is not the end all to the responsibilities.  This is her baby and she delegates others to help. She must save herself from “burn out”. Even with her delegation, whenever others help, she keeps a watchful eye.  This watchful eye helps her to learn and understand her baby better.   Allowing the baby to have family members help too, has its benefits.  Baby gets to know others.   You may need to give the growing child a day or two at the day care centre with other children to allow for socialisation with peers. This may be done even if there are other children at  the “home circle”.Father And Baby With Doll

A child exposed to the association of other persons and its environment is a child that will be exposed to quicker mental development.  Therefore, this child is more likely to talk earlier, be more sociable and generally a quick learner, than other babies that have not been as exposed.  It therefore, behooves mothers and family members to expose babies to only that which is good for babies, at all times.   The child’s environment should be widened as it grows. Environmental widening should be related to the child’s age.

Give Love and Emotional Support

A child who has experienced the demonstration of love and emotional support is always  likely to be the individual who will return these “social vitamins” to others. The fact is, I have always felt that it is difficult to give what you were never given. It follows too that to give the love you must have it.  This responsibility stands clear as not being one for the mother alone.   It is an open call for all involved with the bringing up of the baby. This call dictates the individual’s (baby) stance in society right into adulthood. Baby and Mama

Attitudes and behaviour relating to this may be noticed in the child’s formative years.  In adulthood, the inter-personal relationship may be poor if corrective measures are not taken.  “Love is the greatest of all.”  Among other things, will build the child’s self-esteem, confidence and help the child to live well with others. Babies need love from the start. There is no time span for the finish. It is a component of the child’s developmental needs.   It is shown in what is done, how it is done. It is also shown in what is not done, that should have been done. The end product of the child getting love will be great!


Please let me have your comments.


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