Pains and Gains of Immunisation

The Pains of Immunisation

I tried very often to forget the pains of immunisation.  I just cannot forget. My mind always go back to the days when  I would remember the School Nurse attended school to administer vaccination to the children.

There was so much crying here and there and all over the place.  I cannot forget either how kind and gentle the nurses were.  They did everything to comfort us. This effort was useless.  Cry we did.  Their gentleness and kindness did not allow them to spare us the vaccinations.         immunisation pain

That was my side of the story.  can you imagine my mother’s side?   To my ever continued amazement, my mom would always demonstrate how good it was for me to get this immunisation.  I thought otherwise. If there was a time I was mad with her it was then.  But for how long? Later, she  would  treat and pamper me for the side effects of immunisation.  There was the fever, the swelling, headache and sometimes the itching of the area where i got the stick. She knew just what to do to help me.  She would always have ready, the necessary treatment for the fever and pain.    She was also ready with the other part of the package -my emotional treatment.  The tender loving care was forthcoming, and much.

What was really there for me to learn about Immunisation?

The Gains of Immunisation

Immunisation provides protection against diseases. It protects individuals from communicable diseases.  Immunisation gives specific protection for specific diseases. This is important as each communicable disease requires its relevant defense mechanism.  Immunization is also known as Vaccination. It is the means by which the risk of infections is removed or minimized in some cases.

child immunisation

The wise parent anticipates their child getting the immunization.  Immunisations are provided for some serious communicable diseases. Among them are  the common childhood diseases.  If children are not immunised they will be susceptible to diseases.

Some persons having been exposed to the diseases may experience mild or serious effects of the diseases.  The final result may be a serious complication from exposure maybe a mild unnoticeable effect.  However, exposure usually results in the body building its defence against the particular disease to which it was exposed.  It is better to have babies immunised than to leave them to the chance of “self-immunity”. The more persons are immunised the less is the chance of a community going under into an epidemic.

One’s most valuable consideration should and in most cases be the health and well-being of the baby.  Even though a child or an individual may survive the onslaught of a communicable disease, it can leave the survivor facing serious side effects, lack of vitality, affected vital organs and a decrease in life expectancy.

in view of the fact that much emphasis is placed on childhood immunisation, one may believe that these diseases are things of the past.  What do you believe about this?  I would like to know your thoughts on this.   Some persons have to be gently persuaded or mandated in order to have them have their babies immunized.  one can also understand immunisation4the campaign of the different organisations such as The United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) in their fight against childhood diseases.

The world is a global village and travel is made easy to every corner of the world. Therefore, immunisation is important.  In areas where a small proportion of children are having the diseases, immunisations are still necessary.. It is important for every child to be fully immunized to be protected from serious illnesses and death.

Children who are considered “fully immunized” are those who have received all the required doses of immunization against all the necessary diseases by age six year.  It is important to note that in most cases one dose of vaccine does not give full protection.

By the way, how do you feel about the present immunisation debate?  Please let me have your views about this.