Minimize Risks of Multiple Births

It is a fact multiple births are admirable but it is also a fact that multiple births have risks. In this article we will look at some of the risks of multiple births and some of the things we can possibly do, to prevent or minimize these risks.

Some Risks of Multiple Births

Some of the risks likely to be associated with multiple births are prematurity, the possibility of pre-eclampsia and placental mal function, gestational diabetes, stunted growth of the fetuses, cerebral palsy, excessive bleeding during delivery and anemia.

The most common risks of multiple births are the babies being born before their due date-premature births. Very often in multiple births the pregnancy does not last for full term. In these cases the gestational period lasts between thirty five (35) to thirty-seven (37) weeks, withstanding that the gestational period is forty (40) weeks for human pregnancy.

A premature birth for any baby indicates the likelihood of an adverse outcome for the baby’s life and health. For this reason premature babies are detained in the hospital until when they have a better chance for survival. I must say that, most if not all the risks the risks that are likely for single births are also likely for multiple births. However, with multiple births the risks are much higher than for single birth events. To care for premature babies is very difficult. The later the babies are born to their due date the less the health risks and health challenges they experience.

It must be mentioned that there can also be the problem that one of the babies may have a poor chance of survival while in the womb. In this case the Obstetrician/Gynecologist has to make a decisive call to save the life of the mother and other baby or babies.   The presentation of the position of the baby is very crucial.






positions of twins


This mother or next of kin has to weigh in on this immediate decision for lives. This therefore, means that mother, if possible, and next of kin must be attentive to the wise counsel of the professional doctor. I say that to say this that often times counsel is accepted from untrained and ignorant persons over the knowledge and the experienced medics.

What would you do if you were called to make a decision for life in a case such as this with respect to your baby….and you?

What Can a Pregnant Woman Do to Prevent or Minimize the Risks of Multiple Births?

These are some tips with an aim to prevent or minimize the risks which may be associated with multiple births and also to ensure the mother and babies well-being.
In order to prevent or minimize the risks of multiple births, the following should be adhered to.

The pregnant woman should:

Eat properly. Attend to good nutrition. Eat healthy as your nutrition counts. The number of fetuses indicates the dietary needs for self and babies. Remember good nutrition is a good key to you and your babies’ health. Do not forget to take your folic supplement in order to prevent neural tube defects.

Follow the advice of your doctor and or nutritionist.

Get proper counseling regarding risks among other things.

Apply lessons learned from counselling and educational sessions

Comply with medication instructions if these are prescribed

Attend for Antenatal (prenatal) care

It is always important to keep your appointment

Be selective of your health care provider. Remember that it is always good when experience professional services are employed. This is good for babies as well as the pregnant mother’s health care. Remember this: Multiple births need specialized health care. This cannot be over-emphasized.

Have an open line of communication with your doctor and other health providers whose care you are in. Be in touch.

Surround yourself who can and will give you good support.

Get enough rest and be happy.

Be prepared for early delivery before the thirty-fifth (35th ) week of pregnancy. Your preparation will add to your peace of mind.

Multiple Births-Wasting No Time


Mrs. Mullings saw multiple births as “wasting no time”. That was what she said. The Mullings were the couple who experienced having multiple births twice in our locality. Mrs. Mullings felt it was better to have her desired quota of children in a shorter time. “Two at a time is better. Every thing quick, quick”.

Speaking to her later, I found out that the picture she projected was not really the situation. She was a jovial woman, before and after the births of her four children. She had in two births,four children,(multiple births). She told me discreetly, that she had no plans for all these babies in such a short time but they were already here, so she had to put the plan she never had into gear and accept her four lovely girls. She did not expect this to happen twice and it came as a surprise.

Let us briefly discuss multiple births. Multiple births-Triplet

What is multiple births?
Simply put, multiple birth is having more than a single baby in one birth. Therefore, a pregnant woman can have two or three or four babies in one single birth. The most common birth is that of twins.

How Do Multiple Births Occur?

Twins are described in two ways. These are fraternal and identical twins. Fraternal twins occur when the mother produced eggs rather than one during that cycle when conception occurred.Those two sex cells were joined by two separate male cells and these two lives began at the same time. Fraternal twins hereditary characteristic are just the same as any other brother or sister within their family. They may not even look like twins at all. Fraternal twins may be both boys, both girls or girl and boy and girls.

On the other hand identical twins occur when one sex cell from the mother is joined by one sex cell from the father. These sex cells a joined within a few hours after conception. The cells begins to grow. These growing cells became separated into two groups and developed into two separate human beings. These are called Identical twins.

Of a fact, taking a look at the babies is not the best way of saying whether or not they are identical or fraternal twins. The best way is to have a test done.

What are the causes of Multiple Births

Multiple births may be caused by the use of fertility drugs.
The use of fertility drugs

Some women needing babies, found that they have difficulty getting pregnant. They then seek a resolution to the problem and employ the usage of fertility drugs. March of the dimes a leading non-profitable organisation for pregnancy and baby health for over seventy five (75)years states that the use of fertility drugs is responsible for four times the number of live births than for those that had used in vitro reproduction.

Natural multiple births

Women having natural multiple births, for example in the case of Mrs. Mullings. They were even not really expected. She had no known history of this in the family. Consideration however, may still be given also that this person might have had multiple births in the family yet it is not known to her.

There are also the cause by heredity.
Heredity is considered in multiple birth if the woman is a twin or had multiple births in her family.


Surprisingly it might have been considered that as a woman gets older every thing for her is declining. This is not so in the ovulation of many women. As the woman aged her possibility to have hyper-ovulation increases. It then means that the older you are the greater the possibility of having multiple births. The fact is that even though because of age she may have it harder to get pregnant than the younger woman but being older say over 35 years, her body being on the decline over produce a particular stimulus to the reproductive hormone which puts her in good stead for producing multiples. Career women are usually candidates to this situation, as they do stay longer to have children doing so however, when they are getting older.

Number of Pregnancies

The higher the incidence of pregnancy events, the greater the chance of multiple births.This explains that if one should go on having babies, going nearer to menopause would cause hyper-ovulation (the woman releasing more than one egg within a cycle). The possibility of having twins is raised. This comes babck to the factor of age as previously stated.


Having had multiple births before sets you at the likelihood of multiple births again. If there is also a history of twins on the female side of your parents the likelihood is also greater. nevertheless there is a school of thought which said a generation can be skipped. This therefore means that if there is twin on your grandparents side you are likely to be a bearer of twin.

One school of thought explained that if your father is twin it does not mean that you may have twin. This school explained that the possibility as explained above would not come from the grandfather’s side but can occur from the grandmother side. That is if the grandmother is a twin. There is a case in point that I need to put forward. My mother father was twin, two boys. They were fraternal twins. fraternal twin boys She (my mother) had twin girls. to further express I had twin sisters. I had twin cousins from my mother father’s side of the family. To compound the matter, my father side of family caused me to be overtaken with numerous twin cousins. They too were fraternal twins.


Infrequently mentioned is the factor of of nutrition. It is also believed that the possibility of multiple births maybe increased by supplementation.

The Risks of Multiple Births

As a young girl I have always admired twins and felt it would have been good for me to have a twin. However, in later times having had more knowledge of the risks of multiple births, I have had a shift in this desire. I still admire twins and love to see them. quintuplets
So then, what are the risks of multiple births?

Just imagine , having a single child carries risks. Think about bearing two, three, four or five. What are your thoughts and concerns on the risks of multiple births? Would you like to have multiple births in order that you have your desired qouta of children in a shorter time? How can we ensure the babies well-being in a multiple births situation? This is up for discussion.
Please let me have your comments on these.

The Cost of Having a Baby

Have you ever considered the cost of having a baby? The fact is, babies do come with a cost . There is a psychological or a mental cost, that comes with having a baby. There is also a physical, socio-economic cost and a personal and or domestic among other costs to this very important event.  Childbearing carries cost.

Be advised that for the purpose of this article cost is not seen only as dollars and cents. Of all the costs mentioned, which of these is more important to you? I have already guessed that the personal/domestic cost is the one you would be tempted to choose. Most persons think that the other cost would not really apply to them.
However, for this article let us look at the psychological cost which covers all the costs that we may ever think about.

The Psychological Cost of Having a Baby

The psychological cost of childbearing involves the conditioning of one’s thoughts or mind of having a baby even before it is conceived and then through the gestational period to delivery. It also involves having to withstand all the rigors of the process.

What really are the rigors? These are understandings and the under-goings of every positive and negative factors. These factors may come up during the period of bearing your child (pre-conception to delivery). I must also posit that, psychological cost continues even far beyond that period. We will discuss.

Can you imagine the thoughts of a woman who really wants a child, one planned for? She has been trying for a long time but there is no production? Can you imagine also the woman who was told that she is pregnant, but had no plan for that?

A woman once told me that it was better for her to miss her mother rather than to miss her period. That woman as I know it, loved her mother dearly. Therefore it was quite clear that that woman was not psychologically ready to have a baby. It also means that if pregnancy happened, that would have been an unintended pregnancy for her.

Psychological cost has two states, negative and positive. These two states can sometimes go overboard. Having a negative result ( did not desire this) gives way to the person being in a negative mood and will have negative behavior about the issue.   A good outcome would have been a great change in this situation. But is this the usual? The usual case most times gets worse and the affected person may go into depression. As in most cases of adolescence pregnancies.

If one is experiencing negative situation it takes a lot to get out of this. I will therefore, attach a cost to this situation.  This cost does not come in dollars and cents only. As well as it may not take dollars and cents to get out. But it still has a cost. Before I go further I must also indicate that the person affected primarily is not the only person who pays the cost.

Apart from the primary case (or the index case) being in depression, the situation can also affect the baby’s well-being (from in the womb and even after birth).   Not only does it affect these two individuals,  but it also affects family members and other associates. Other family members in their ways of being concerned and attending to the case, do suffer with the case.

The cost comes by trying to correct a situation that spans two persons and more. The cost paid is great as it is distributed to more than one person and it comes with hurts. The primary affected person (the pregnant or soon to be pregnant person) must dig deep in her psyche (mind and whole being) in order to help herself to overcome. Even if it takes dollars and cents, she has to make it work. What a cost on her part.

This same thing applies in the redemption of a positive effect. I will explain. In the case of the woman who wanted to have a baby badly and then finally found out that she is pregnant. She is overjoyed. She is so happy. I will give one of many of the usual ways these persons may react.

Such person may just go overboard and started to make provision for the baby in an extra-ordinary way. Everything and more than this child needs, is bought for the baby. The baby was born and everything went well with the exception that the baby has more than it needs. But there is a cost.

This cost comes up mostly as financial however there is more to it than just that. The mother will continue spending drastically for this child who maybe an only child. If there is no immediate intervention, mitigation may only come automatically on the birth of another child. Whether you know it or not the first child may even be brought up as a “spoilt child.”  A spoilt child maybe a troubled child.

Having a baby carries psychological cost among other costs.

I would like to leave two questions with you. In this case of the positively psychologically effect, can you imagine what would have happened if complication had set in and the baby should be affected? Say for example the loss of the baby. What would that cost be?
• Therefore, in order to prevent these problems my advice is that these persons should seek counselling early.
• Family members and spouse are to be sensitive to behavioural changes of persons
• Women are to approach child bearing with sobriety
• Take yourself in charge even before the get go.

Please let me hear how you feel about this article.  I need to hear from you too. Please drop me a line.

For You and Your Baby Delivery

In writing this post regarding the preparation for you and your baby delivery. I remember how I made preparation for the delivery of my first child. By the fifth month of pregnancy every thing for the baby was bought and already packed. From the day these things were bought I have always taken them out every day to look at them and dream about what the user of these things will look like in them.

Whenever I was seen looking at the baby’s clothes there was the usual remark:”Fowl never see egg”.  I would always be a little peeved about this but that did not stop me from doing that all over and over again for the rest of my period in pregnancy. I was drawn by  the delicate colours and the tiny forms of the clothing.  I was just anxious for the day.  Never understanding about the pains.

I would like to know if any of my readers had or knows of anyone who have had that experience of looking at the baby’s clothing over and over again while in pregnancy.  Have you had this experience? Please tell me about it.

To accomplish the preparation exercise for the baby wardrobe, I attended a baby store accompanied by a close friend who was experienced.   She  had two children. I  was also operating with a list that I got at the Antenatal (Prenatal) Clinic. Although I was feeling a slight headache that day, I was very excited about the day’s activities.  Firstly, I bought a suitcase in the same store and from thence I started shopping for the baby.

Below I want to suggest some necessary thing for the baby that yuo may take to the birthing centre for delivery.  The things i suggest had nothing to do with what I had. Things and times do change and what was good for yesterday may not be good for today.   You can make the changes to the suggested list as necessary.

I understand that in some hospitals, everything is provided for the baby by the hospital while the baby is in hospital.  In this case clothes provided are used whenever the baby is on its way home.

Baby’s Provision for Delivery

4-6 Baby Chemise (these are straight looking tops without sleeves and collar)

2 X10 packects of Disposable Diapers

1 dozens  Cloth Diapers (optional)

6 Baby wash rags

3 Baby Bibs

3-4  Sleep wears

2 Receiving Blankets

2 Other Type Blankets (to be carried home in and for arrival picture)

4 pairs socks

1 or 2 Sweaters

1 pair baby bootie (maybe matching with sweater)

1 set Comb and brush for hair

1 Cap (headress-maybe matching with sweater)

I small bottle of olive oil (to keep baby skin moist-Maybe optional)

1 Baby Garb for going home

The number of stuff is dependent on how long the hospital stay will be. Therefor you may need to add. It is always better to have more than you need than not to have to convenience.

An Exercise for You

I would like you think about some thing. Can you imagine carrying a baby in you uterus for nine months, then one day you go to the hospital to deliver or have the same baby that you have been carrying around.  The baby was delivered and given back to you to be taken home.  This time it is carried by you in your arms.   This is something to think about. What do you have to say about this? What an exercise for you. It has been one for me lately.

Suggested List for Mother

Here is a suggested list for the delivery.

4-6 Maternity Nighties (bring as many as you can these are sometimes   soiled by breastmilk     or otherwise as quickly as you put them on)

2-3 Maternity bras

Panties   (take a little more than you think you will need)


2X10  Packs Sanitary Napkins

2 Robes  (separate from Bath robe. You may need this if you are walking away                        from your bed or to be in when you meet your visitors out of bed. You                      would not want anyone to see through you).

1 or 2 Bath Robes

Nursing pads

2-3 pairs of socks (Expect anything the temperature of the room may put down                                         far low to facilitate t facilitate others, maybe nursing staff)

Incontinent Pads   (If not supplied by hospital. You may need this to prevent                                               immediate soiling of bed linens).

Toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, deodorant,  face and lips moisturiser, comb and brush for hair

Bed Slippers

Hairbands  (These will be very useful when the going (labour) gets tough.                                     Especially if you have long and unruly hair.  You may also have the                            hair pinned up)

Dress to wear home

3-4 Wash rags

Bath Towels

This list may be added to or things taken away if necessary.  Baby’s things for delivery must be  packed in separate bags in order that the nurse on duty do not have to rummage in mommy’s things for delivery for baby’s things.  Bags should be packed and waiting in a convenient place for the “go” time.




Substance Abuse in Pregnancy

I would like us to have a brief look at substance abuse in pregnancy.  As a young girl I have always read a lot. In this way I have had knowledge of the  Thalidomide tragedy that happened in Europe in the nineteen sixties.  The dangers of substance abuse and  misuse before pregnancy and during pregnancy remains a concern.

Up to the time of expecting my first child I was still aware of substance abuse before and during pregnancy.  I have always been concerned with the issue. So I vowed to myself and purposed in my heart that I will make every effort not to be caught in that web.  I have recognized though, that people do have different situations. So, I will never rush to condemn. I would rather lend a hand.

I have always thought that a developing fetus is innocent, vulnerable, unable to defend itself and therefore needs protection from the outside world. The closest person in the outside world is mommy.  To me, the dangers of substance abuse and misuse can be avoided and should be avoided even with much effort.


The consumption of alcohol in pregnancy can cause retardation of the fetus mentally and physically.  This condition is known as  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).  Can you imagine for those mommies who have been consuming alcohol  even before they have been pregnant and continue to do so while in pregnancy?They may be referred to as being alcoholic.

Prescription Drugs

Whitney and Rolfes in their book Understanding Nutrition states that Prescription drugs can also cause adverse effects.  Prescription drugs can cause problems in labour and birth abnormalities

This clearly reminds me of the Thalidomide tragedy in Europe, where 5,000 babies in Germany and England were born to mothers who took the drugs innocently as a tranquilizer.   However, this tragedy caused greater vigilance with respect to prescription drugs since then.

Even with strict vigilance there remains the potential for misuse to occur.  Let us look at some ways in which misuse of prescription drugs can happen.

  • The sharing of prescribed drugs with other persons who might have had the same complaint as you have
  • Use of a particular drug because you were informed that it worked well for someone else, therefore, it can work for you.  It was not prescribed for you and there was no matter to a particular ailment
  • Over usage or over dosage of prescribed drugs. Taking more than the prescribed dosage trying for it to be more “effective”
  • Using a prescribed drug that was legitimately prescribed for you, having used it partially and then at a far later returned to use the rest

Over the Counter Drugs

 Over the counter drugs can also be considered hazardous too. Let us look at the simple and versatile aspirin.  If taken late in pregnancy, aspirin can affect the fetal circulation and the contraction of the womb. This may also cause excessive bleeding during delivery. Frequent use of aspirin can also increase the risk of iron deficiency.

Marijuana and Cocaine

 Marijuana and cocaine are widely used among women in the childbearing age.  Can you image the usage by the adolescents?  This group is considered risk taking.

These drugs that are commonly abused can be passed easily through the placenta and act adversely on the development of the fetus. Babies of mothers who abuse cocaine and marijuana do have low birth weight and heart problems and are also at increased risk of death. ( This does not mean that to every child who has these complaints they were caused by the use and abuse of cocaine or marijuana).

These babies if they do survive they show evidence of withdrawal syndromes from the drugs.  These babies cry a lot, uncontrollably. they are irritable, and have trembling and jerks.


Smoking happens to be extremely dangerous to the mother and the fetus.  The adverse effect from smoking is stored for the period of time that the woman smoked (that is even before pregnancy).  Women who smoke previously to pregnancy can affect their babies.  In other words, even smoking for a part of the nine months is dangerous. Witney and Rolfes posit that:

“Just two cigarettes smoked in succession reduce fetal chest breathing movement.  Smoking restricts the blood supply to the fetus and so limits oxygen and nutrient delivery and waste removal.  Also, smokers tend to eat less nutritious foods during their pregnancies than do non-smokers which in turn impairs fetal nutrition”.drinking-and-smoking-pregnant-woman

One needs to realize that it is only two cigarettes smoked in succession and it is so hazardous.  Can you consider the effect of a chain smoker in pregnancy? I would like your comments on this.

Some babies seen at the Emergency Room with respiratory infections were subjected to second-hand smoking in their homes.

It has been established by research that the average weight of babies born to smoking and tobacco chewing mothers is far less than those of non-smoking moms.  Be reminded that babies born with low birth weights have not much of a fighting chance to survive.  If they do survive they have myriads of health challenges.

There is also the incidence of pre-term babies.  The problem of pre-term babies happens to be twice as much among smoking mothers than non-smoking mothers.  The sum total of this discourse reveals that smoking reduces the vitality and also fosters challenges which minimize the babies chance for survival and its well-being.

Some Tips to Prevent Substance Abuse Prior to and During Pregnancy

  • If you are expecting to have children do not drink alcohol.  If you do, do not have more than one small drink per day
  • Do not consume Alcohol before or during pregnancy
  • Do not use any over the counter drugs without the advice of your doctor during pregnancy
  • The doctor will prescribe drugs that is necessary to protect life and health. Follow his/her instructions
  • Being in an advanced state of pregnancy (that is near to delivery of baby, maybe the last two-three months of pregnancy) this does  not indicate that it is safe to do as you please by taking any drugs without consulting with your doctor
  • Do not take aspirin (or ibuprofen) unless directed by the doctor.
  • Comply with the doctor as to how and when medicinal drugs are to be taken.
  • If you are addicted to alcohol, smoking, cocaine, seek help before getting pregnant.
  • If you were not able to stop the hazardous habits(s) prior to pregnancy make every effort to kick it/them during pregnancy
  • Do not share drugs with anyone. Do not take their drugs nor give yours to them. Remember, give your baby a good chance for life.  You owe much to him/her
  • Read and ask questions about substance abuse especially if you are not yet affected by it.
  • The joy of the baby is your joy too

Please let me hear from you.


Thoughts of the Woman in Pregnancy

There are certain thoughts about childbearing which come to the woman during pregnancy.  These are thoughts concerns the actual childbearing period and the delivery.

There are thoughts about feeling, state of health, rewards of childbearing, how others feel ( for example the father, siblings and other relatives). There are also the thoughts of the longevity of the child, longevity of self to see through marriage of the said child, necessary preparations to be made for the process and the delivery, will everything turn out well, and even the up bringing of the child.

Of course, there are volumes of thoughts to the pregnant woman.  These thoughts are truly linked to the well-being of both child and to the pregnant mother herself.  These thoughts automatically extend to those around her. I can also say that most women in pregnancy are frequent dreamers more than at any other times. Nevertheless, let us talk about “thoughts”.

It is always recommended that thoughts must always be positive. This is good, but let us examine situations and their realities.  It is my view that the journey of life has mixed situations. Living in reality, one must examine things as real. I am saying that, in order to face reality and get true answers to true life situations, one will or must ask and think both negatively and positively. The two sides of the coin will show up somehow.

In so doing, the individual has a chance to see things as they are, and the ability to fix negative situations will be pursued towards making a change for good.  Therefore, my advice regarding negativity is that it will come by, in any situation.  However, they should not be entertained.  Zap them by working on the situations.   Be encouraged even though some of these thoughts will or may not be fixed.

Where childbearing is concerned, let us look at some things concerning this.  Throughout the world, babies are born every second. I cannot think of a country where there is not the birth of a child at any time.  If there is such a country, please inform me.   Children are born in every region to the rich and to the poor;  every colour and creed.

In times past, there were more maternal deaths than they are nowadays. Babies were left with only their fathers, and maybe some relatives to care for them. In some cases,  the babies were given for adoption.

Medical care has improved greatly. Obstetrics have improved greatly and most of the dangers of childbearing and delivery have been taken care of greatly.  However, with all of that, even today, childbearing carries pain discomfort and some risks.

Many pregnant women ask themselves questions.  Will my health problems be taken care of and will my baby be born with all its members and everything normal?

The answer is Yes. Many health problems of the expectant mothers are being addressed.   Health problems can be corrected and monitored in advance of delivery.  For most things that may go wrong are most times picked up prior to delivery.

Mothers must submit self to this care by attending doctors or clinics early in pregnancy.


The thought of having a natural birth is one that almost every pregnant woman has. The natural birth gives the mother a chance to  know about the delivery and to participate in every step of the way.

Having a delivery otherwise, (Caesarean section) is one done by the doctor after anaesthesia is given to the pregnant woman.

For childbearing and delivery there is need for the muscles of the mother to be developed for strength and endurance.

Do speak to your to obstetrician and comply with the instructions.

Apart from medical care, the necessary preparations have to be made to accommodate the baby.   There are the necessary things such as clothing and other things for self and baby to be bought.

How will this be done and what are the necessary things?

Ask the nurse to give you a list of the necessary things that you need and what should be brought to the hospital. You may also ask other experience persons.

What will the cost be for preparation?

After you have gotten the list, make an estimate.  Remember you have nine months to prepare.  You can also buy the things a little at a time.

How will I get to the birthing station?

Do not forget to estimate and arrange for transportation to and from the hospital for delivery.

But I do have my own transportation.

If you do have your own transportation, remember to always have petrol in the vehicle all the time, at least, two weeks before the expected date of delivery, for this special and important event.  This maybe a night call.

If you do not have your own transportation.  Have your transportation cost ready at least two weeks before the expected date of delivery.

Arrange with transport operator and within what period to expect your call, day or night.

I am living so far from the birthing unit.

If you are living far from where you will have the baby.  Make arrangement to go closer if you can a least two weeks before the expected date of delivery. It may also be good that you start your journey as soon as you have the first sign that labour is about to start.

Remember, it is always good to be accompanied when going for delivery, whether one walks or drives.

I do not know the signs of labour. How will this be?

Some women enter into labour without realising what is happening.  In some cases, women  may have mini contractions before the true labour and were told that this is normal.  However, because of this, when the true labour comes they may not realise that this is the time for the true labour.

Ask your doctor or nurse the signs to expect.

Will everything be well with me and the baby?

Remember that your preparations before pregnancy and also before delivery are good.  Do all the necessary things that you are to do.  Pray about everything and believe that all will be well and relax.   Thoughts of childbearing and delivery are natural and normal for women in pregnancy.

Everything will be over soon.  I can assure you that most persons forget the pain in a short time.   By then, some of your thoughts you had in pregnancy, are forgotten until the next time around-another pregnancy, maybe. You will soon be overtaken by your bundle of joy.

Let me have your thoughts and your comments now. Can this be served as an evaluation to your present feelings?


Adolescent Nutrition and Pregnancy

The Adolescent Nutrition and Pregnancy

Have you ever considered the adolescents nutrition among other things in pregnancy?  Well I do.  The nutrition of the adolescent is a great concern for me.  Most adolescents have poor eating habits. Therefore, poor eating habits entering into pregnancy would seem to serve as a threat to the adolescence herself, and the baby.  It is on this basis that our discussion will be established.

Let us not overlook the problems of drug abuse of which smoking is included.  This too maybe added to the adolescent nutritional problem. The two impact on each other and produce the same outcome.  However for this post we will examine the nutritional aspect.

Firstly, let us look at the eating habits of the adolescence.  I must begin by saying that parents are responsible for the eating habits of their children in most cases.  I say most cases because there  exist the rare cases that some children are born with their strict preferences.  In some of these cases one may find those children that  cannot eat particular food because they are allergic to that food. In some other cases one will find that a choice is made due to likes and dislikes.  While in other cases you will also find that the child eats just what the parents gave them to eat. One must remember that the child cannot fend for itself.  Therefore, in this case, the child will only want what is known.  In this category of eaters are the most cases.

The eating habit of the child starts from the early stage.   It is therefore,Fruits and veg important that parents make every effort to introduce solid eating habits to the child from the start. Nutrition must be the number one aim of parents when it comes to child feeding. The child must be made to be used to eating wholesome foods in order that she will get the necessary nutrients for her development.

It is important to note that poor eating habits are most times carried into adolescence.  However, there are cases in which the young child was geared into good eating habits but on reaching adulthood, made a right about change to adapt poor eating habits.  I say that to say this, that adolescents generally have poor eating habits.

On reaching the adolescence stage they are guided by their peers, the media (unfortunately the negative  influences are those more accepted), by way of advertisement,  the dynamism of fast food places and the ever strong attending factor of poverty and ignorance.

It must be noted that even before birth the individual is on a growth drive.  In the paediatric clinics the babies are measured and their heights are charted. They are also weighed this too is charted.  Doing these, provide valuable markers concerning the health of the child.  The adolescents experience growth spurt and other developments in their teenage years.  During the adolescent stage they even have to draw on their nutrition storage set in their preteen stage.

Can you imagine the Adolescent in pregnancy, having all this demand even without being pregnant?  Secondly, can you also imagine the adolescent to be pregnant and to be providing for a fetus?  There is truly a competition between the pregnant adolescent and her offspring for nutrients.    Therefore adolescent pregnancy must be unsatisfactory to both baby and mother.

All said, the nutrition of the adolescent is of great importance even before pregnancy.  Teenage pregnancy is a problem.  Girls become sexually active at an early age.    The nutritional problem of the adolescent is that they are hard pressed even before pregnancy to provide the necessary nutrition for their growth and development. This is difficult because the adolescents do not eat properly.  Many adolescents do not eat properly because they are ever conscious of their weights and are also driven by things around them as stated previously.  Some go on to be affected by common eating disorders such as starving themselves to lose weight.  They preceive that they are fat and are seen as that they are too fat.

The World Health Organization posits that 11% of teenagers between the ages of 10-19 years gives births worldwide.  It also stated that 14% of unsafe abortions occurred in the age group 15-19years from low and middle income countries.

I need to interject that the sugar daddy syndrome also influences the  whole scenario.  Based on the fact that these young women are experiencing poverty they do fall prey to older men for sex to which they are then given financial care.  To put it other words, older men attend to their every needs which are both financial and emotional.
pregnant woman 3
The WHO continues to state that their (the adolescent) many health problems are associated with negative outcomes of pregnancy during adolescence. Example of these health problems are anemia, HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections, post partum haemorrhage (bleeding profusely after birth) mental disorders such as depression.

I will also add still-births, preterm babies with low birth weights and miscarriages.  It is important to note that babies born preterm and with low birth weight  already put the infant  at risk for death.

The WHO confirms that adolescent pregnancy is both dangerous for baby and mother.

This therefore means that there is a great problem and this problem is worldwide. It is also greater in low income countries.  It may seem as if it does not affect everyone, but it does.   The question that I will ask is this: How can we tackle this enemy of adolescence nutrition in pregnancy?

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Dressing in Pregnancy-My Opinion

The Pregnant Woman and Dressing

I would like to discuss dressing as it pertains to the pregnant woman. Would the way the pregnant woman dress in pregnancy affect the well-being of her Baby?    My answer is: ” Yes”   Is there a problem with the way that some pregnant women dress?  My answer is: “Yes”. Or, does it affect her well-being?   I must also answer yes. This is my opinion.

My answers to the questions stated, could have been:” I do not know. I honestly do not know”.  The fact is I do know. It may not be easily communicated. Nevertheless, I will still try to explain the answer to the best of my ability. I am almost certain you will understand.  I said almost because again I must say that  this is a matter of opinion.

To begin with, even though I have said yes and then said I could have said  I do not know.  I did that because, nowadays, I have seen some women in pregnancy dressing in some questionable  modes of dress. I have seen women in extremely short dresses, tight fitting garb including tight pants and also very tight tops.

I must also mention that some of the pregnant women are very unattractively dressed. Before I go  further,  I must say again that whatever my answer, it adds up to a matter of opinion.  My opinion.  You tell me what do you think?  I am certain that you too have your opinion on this matter.

Being a mother and one having the experience I have had, I do believe that women in pregnancy should dress modestly. They should wear loose fitting clothing.  These will keep them cool and allow for proper circulation of blood throughout their bodies.

Women who are pregnant feel hotter than women who are not.  Owing to this, their dresses should be worn to facilitate their keeping cool.  A woman looks good will also feel good. This tickles her self esteem and feeling of happiness.  If you are happy, your baby inside of you is likely to be happy.

I believe that women who are pregnant are already attractive and they should dress to enhance this attraction.  I strongly feel that the pregnant woman should do nothing to rob herself of this God-given attraction. I have seen pregnant women dressing uncomely.  This should not be so.

I am of the opinion that a woman is most attractive to her spouse at the time of her pregnancy more than any other times.  Therefore this is one of the  the times when she should make sure that being attractive in pregnancy is great and everyday  she should be looking great.  I must confess that in pregnancy, most women do not feel great everyday.

Some days if you could give your spouse the baby in the tummy to keep for a little while, you would have done the asking many times. Ask me about that!  Some days the pregnant woman look great but does not feel really great.  On the other hand, there is no feeling or looking of greatness. The fact is people are different and experiences are different.

Being pregnant should not cause a career girl from looking less than whom she is.  She should continue to look good in her dress.  An office executive can, and should continue to look so in pregnancy.   If you are working in an office let your maternity clothing be representative of your good office.  Dress like who you are.  Do not dress down to another level.  Look beautiful!

I some times ask myself: “Where have all the maternity skirts and pants with the stretchable yoke in the front gone?”    These skirts and pants with the stretchable yokes at the front allowed for ease and comfort and they looked good. They, seemed to be things of the past.

Low heeled shoes are the best choice.  They help to carry the changing and growing body.  Remember that the pregnant woman’s body is changing everyday, and it some times take a week or two for the woman to get use to her new stage of changing body.  The low heeled shoes offer the most help to this change.

Of course, the woman should give no way for accident.  That is like a slip in the walk which can do damage to foot or feet, back or any part of the body.  Do remember that as the pregnancy advances the pregnant woman may get clumsy and maybe prone to slips and slides.  Think safety for yourself and baby.  Some accidents carry serious repercussions not previously thought of.

Hair properly or nicely combed completes the job.  Your well kept hair should make a finished job to your whole being.  Do not forget to top it up with your smiles. Remember, you reflect you on the inside.

Please let me hear from you.