What to Know About Childbearing

Let us get somewhat more interactive on this matter of what to know about childbearing. Therefore, I have another little exercise for you.

Below are some words used in the process of childbearing.   ( Broadly speaking childbirth is that process by which we make delivery of our reproduction and childbearing is the process of conception, carrying the product, (which in totality is reproduction) and the delivery of that fruit of reproduction.   I guess you would like to ask, where did I get that definition.  I would only answer to say that is my definition. That is, as I see it. Please receive my definition for what it is worth). Thank you.

I would ask that you discuss these words below with me by writing in to say what is your understanding or what you know about these words as it pertains to childbearing.

You may choose a word or two from below for discussion. I have chosen to discuss one of the words. That is Caesarean Section/Operation.   You may also add your piece of the story to this.

You may do so in the comments section below. You do not have to write as much as I did, on the word or words that you choose.

Doing it this way, we may be able to set up our little “childbirth dictionary” or our “Knowledge Well” on childbirth. It will also help us to see what you think or know and also what others understand.  I trust you will see this as fun while giving and receiving information, which will lead to education.  Let’s go!!

As I have said before these are some words regarding childbirth for discussion.

Antenatal (see Prenatal)





Birth canal





Caesarean (section, operation): Commonly referred to as C. Section is a major surgical procedure by which a baby is taken from the uterus(womb). This type of delivery is carried out when there are times of difficulties.

This intervention is a sparkle decision as it always serve as the best thing to do in most childbirth emergencies.  In most cases, the women started off in labour with an aim to have her baby naturally  via the birth canal.

However, during labour it is found that she has developed problems or, the baby is in undue distress for one reason or the other.  The ultimate and best thing  is for the doctor to decide on what to do for both the baby and the mother, or one or the other.

The Caesarean operation is done not only in cases of emergency but it is also done electively. It is also done electively because there are some persons who do baby-c sectionnot wish to labour or have their babies through the birth canal.  This is done for varying reasons too. Therefore, these persons chose to have a Caesarean Operation.

Can you think of some of the reasons why some women would like to have a Caesarean operation instead of one via the birth canal?  You may submit this feedback in the comments section below also.

In the Caesarean operation, an incision is made through the woman’s abdominal wall and to the uterus (womb).  The baby is then removed from the womb.  The placenta (afterbirth and other products of the pregnancy are also removed.  All necessary procedures of the operation, for example, contraction of the uterus to prevent over, bleeding are initiated.

The incisions are closed by stitching and everything properly looked after and the baby is prepared to greet mother as soon as she gets over her anaesthesia dosage.

Delivery (baby)



En utero








Multiple (births)


Morning sickness




Reproductive organs (female)
Reproductive organs (male)

Sitz Bath


Why Episiotomy

Episiotomy is an important simple surgical intervention or procedure that maybe done in childbirth. Though simple the action carries good results. It is not necessary for every childbirth but has to be done when the situation calls for it.

What is and Why an Episiotomy?

An episiotomy done is responsive to the well-being of the mother. A third-degree laceration would not be very good for the mother. A third-degree laceration made by the forceful push of the baby on the perineum can cause complications both presently and later on.  Therefore, the doctor has to prevent this by making a clean clear cut (the incision) to prevent the jaggedness.

  • To have a jagged laceration to stitch proves some difficulty
  • The area (the jagged stitched area, the perineum) is likely to give way in the future.
  • May cause problem concerning fecal matter from the anus into the vaginal area. That is the stitches become loosed or give way.

Therefore, an episiotomy is done to prevent these.

Episiotomy procedure is done by the person in attendant (doctor or nurse). This procedure is done by making a small incision in order to facilitate the head of the baby in making its headway out of the birth canal.

What really happens in most cases is that the tissues of the birth canal is not sufficiently stretched or is not elastic enough to accommodate the baby’s head going through.  Therefore, there is a great measure of resistance.   By all means the baby is still on its way out.  There is great pressure as the baby is making its way out by the contractions of the uterus.

If there is no intervention the pressure from the baby’s head on the perineum (that is that narrow passage between the vaginal opening and the anus) will cause a tear to occur.  This tear is most likely to be jagged.  You can imagine the difficulty this may pose.  In order to prevent this, a simple incision is done.

While this is being done it is not felt by the woman in delivery mostly because of the pressure which is placed on the perineum.  After the third stage of labour, that is when the placenta (also called afterbirth) comes out the incision  is stitched.

I must tell you that this procedure will cause some discomfort a short time after. It causes some uncomfortable effect.   Who is better able to speak than those who has been in and through it? For some people, there is the fear of sitting. There is pain.There is some pressure if one tries to laugh.  There is the pain. Walking is done cramply, as there is pain.  This is much discomfort.

On the other hand, remember, getting an episiotomy prevents uncomfortable and maybe embarrassing effects also.  In other, words it can also prevent a future problem.

I hope I did not frighten you, some persons fear of pain is higher than some others.  As you know there are some persons who suck in pain. Pain is truly pain for me all the time. I do not know what it means to have  a very slight pain.  I may be exaggerating, but it is just to let you understand how I feel about pain.


Treatment for Episiotomy Pains

Anyhow, do not be afraid.  There is a solution.  The thing that gives the greatest ease to this situation is the sitz bath.  The sitz bath is restorative, healing, it is soothing. There is nothing like the sitz bath (if there is, another proven one, I do not know of it) in this case.

Therefore, your report of another will be very good.  Please let me hear from you.

How To Do A Simple Sitz Bath

Firstly I must tell you that even a simple sitz bath will work well.  Therefore, I will tell you of a simple sitz bath that works just as good as any other.  I guess you are seeking relief first.

Get a bath one that you can sit in. Even if you cannot sit in it a pail can do. Pour  an amount of water enough to cover your whole bottom area. That is your vaginal area and buttocks must be in. You do not even have to have your feet in the bath.  If you want to have your body in, wash your feet before going in.

Pour in some salt in the water. Your may put the amount of salt depending on the amount of water.  You may use about two tablespoons of salt to a gallon of water. (Remember you do not have to corn it. Laugh).  Unrefined Sea Salt is the best salt to use for this.  But ordinary table salt will help.

The water must be warm, as warm as you can bear it. Remember you are going to sit in it. Sit for about ten to fifteen minutes. That is a great help.If you use a pail. Prepare in the same way. To administer, keep washing up the mixture on the affected area for the same length of time.

This will be very good.  There are other sitz baths prepared with herbs and other types of salt, but this is the simple one which gives just what you are looking for at the moment.  Relief and healing from the discomfort.

Make sure your bath or pail is very clean.  Frequent handwashing is important.  Try not to get the incision infected. You can do the sitz bath two times per day. Rest well.

Have you ever experienced having an episiotomy? I would like to hear from you about this.  Secondly, do you have a fear that you may have to get one?

I would like to hear from you.  You may do so in the comments section below. If you have any questions you may also ask them in the comments section.  I will be willing to answer them.



I Do Not Want Twin

” I do not want twin.” This was clearly said by a woman I met recently.  She was not with the fact that she was carrying twins.

It is  a fact that people’s thoughts, concerns, likes and dislikes may be  fashioned by what they know, past experience and economic situations among other things.  Which of these factors do you think would carry the greatest impact for a woman to say that she does not want to have two babies at the same time?

Few weeks ago I sat in the waiting room of a medical centre in my locality. This was where I met a woman who was in pregnancy and found out that she would not like to have twin babies.  Of course, she had other concerns but this one came to me first because of  a conversation that we had.

On entering the waiting area, I surveyed the place for a seat.  Then I saw a vacant chair.  Beside this empty chair sat a calm looking pregnant woman. I must tell you that the waiting area was one which accommodates mixed clients since there were about three medical specialists working on that day.  They were all using the same waiting area.

I approached her and asked if it was okay for me to occupy the vacant chair.  I did not want to deprive the previous person who sat in it.  I thought someone was coming back to it.  She calmly informed me that it was alright for me to sit.

After sitting,  and giving her kind salutation for the day I somewhat jokingly said to her: ” It is good to be sitting beside the three of you”.  On saying that, she pulled her head and shoulders a little backward to the side and looked me in the face surprised.  I said to her: ” Why do you look at me like that?”   She said: ” This is strange”.  My question to her again was: “Why?”

She said she has been going to two other doctors before this one (the doctor she was now at) and none of them told her she would be having twins.   She also said that she went back to the other two and they did not diagnose this even then.

She then told me that it was only until few weeks ago that this present doctor told her that she was truly carrying twins. That was two weeks ago she said.   She was in her last month of pregnancy.

I must tell you I had a strong feeling or maybe suspicion that she was with two babies.  I told her this even though I said it somewhat jokingly as I have said before.   I did not rub nor hammer this suspicion on nor in.  But I told her I feel so strongly.

She said for me to be telling her that and not knowing her it was a shock to her, because she did not believe the doctor, as she did not know what to believe.   I again  jokingly said to her: “Give me one of the babies”  I was really joking now.  She again pulled back in the same manner in the way she did when I indicated that she would be having twins.

She said: ” I do not want twin”. But I cannot give you.  She really took me seriously.  She said she was not prepared for twins in no way.  She said the timing was not right.  She just cannot manage with that.

I encouraged her as much as possible.  Somehow, before we parted I think she was thinking on a different line.  I saw her a week ago and she was in good spirit ready to have her babies.

While I spoke with her and listened to her.  It came to me that I was having a time of deja vu.  At the moment, I tried to figure out why this was so.

I remember some years ago, that I was at a supermarket that I went up to the cashier to pay for the goods that I picked up.  I saw a young pregnant woman whom I knew at the cashier.  She was already there paying for her goods.

I said: “Girl how are you? I can see you are doing fine.  You are truly blooming and (I whispered to her) you are going to have twins.”   I was leaving the supermarket before her and she indicated to me to that she wanted to talk with me. During those years, Ultra-sound if available was out of the reach of most persons. Both in location and cost.

She said that she does not want to hear what  I telling her at all.  I told her that I strongly feel so, but however, I could be wrong.  I remember telling her that I actually see the babies in her.  What I meant the babies were clearly demarcated as two. I said to her here is one and there is the other over here.  That was a clear fact to me.  If I were a gambler I would make my bet.

She said that she did not really want to hear that because she can only take care of one child at a time.  She was unemployed and I suspected that she did not have a firm support.   We parted as she told me that if that is so she will send me one of the babies since I was in a better position.

Maybe I might have been a little unkind to her, based on her situation.  I told her that she was going to have twins, whether she liked it or not she must be prepared to receive them with everything she has.  They were already there.

I saw her months later. She told me she has been waiting to see me.   She said she has been telling everybody that I was the only person who knew that she was carrying twin.   She informed me had she two boys.  Whenever we meet she would usually update me about “the boys”.  She would also refer to them as “your boys”.

What did these two women have in common?  Both were not ready for twins.  However, to an extent, they both had mixed feeling about the situation.  They accepted it after all.  Both knew late in pregnancy.

Both women knew late in pregnancy.Was it a case that the health providers (including maternity nurses) knew but in their assessment of the two women’s frame of mind did not give way for them to be told about it at that time? Doctors do know that in everything especially some things that “mind and body have to be fit” for some things to work out well.

If you think you have the answer, please discuss here in the comment section of my post.

I remember explaining to the pregnant woman whom I saw at the medical centre that it depends on the period or trimester that she was seen by the other two doctors.  I might have been too early then.   I did not have all the details.

I have also told her that the heart beats of the babies may be beating simultaneously in the same rhythm.  Therefore, the differentiation of two different heart beats would have been too difficult to pick up.   It could also be the case where one of the babies could be lying or hiding behind the other.

I was always wanting to have to have a twin. I have them on both sides of my family and also in my family.  I had twin sisters.  One of my twin sisters died before I was born.

Please let me have your comments on this post.