Baby and You in a Bad Economy

At this point in time parents maybe be asking themselves what will happen next or what will we have to do for us and our baby to survive the harsh economic crisis.

It must be noted that much planning might have been put into combatting certain situations such as, been able to provide fully for a family, including the newborn. So many thoughts will have to go into planning for the baby and you inMommy and Baby a bad economy.

There are so many persons who were employed.  Then, a critical thing  happened.   The father’s position was made redundant before the baby was born or shortly after its birth. It may be a case that the company with which the father works had to lay off staff because of the weak economy.

Many companies, even established multi-national and small scale companies are undergoing mergers or declaring bankruptcy and many have closed. Even home- based businesses are closing. The price of raw material to work with has been out of reach for some companies.

Again, and again, there will be much consideration as to the question of survival: How can I and my baby survive in this bad economy?

In this article, suggestions will be made as to the different ways that parents looking for a way how to make money in a bad economy can participate and make some cash to survive economically.

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is one of the currently and largely popular ways of how to make money in a bad economy. If you are one of those persons who use the internet sparingly, it will help if you make it a point to engage the internet usage a lot more for you benefit. Niche Marketing does not require a whole lot of expertise to succeed in. It is important though for you to be an innovative thinker.
The key is to identify a need that you can meet or a problem for which you can provide a solution. In that way, you would have also established a target group to which you will cater to.

Many persons stay at home moms or fathers who may want to stay at home and spend time with their families do engage in niche marketing. I will use this opportunity to recommend one of the most popular Niche marketing platforms.

This is Wealthy Affiliate. At Wealthy Affiliate, you will be taught how to build your own website. You will also be given the opportunity in trying the programme for a time for free to see if you would like it. If you do or do not, the decision is yours.   You may either stay or go without cost.
Wealthy Affiliate can help you to be able to increase your financial yield and be able to meet your commitments and survive with your baby and the rest of the family.
If you would like to try this programme for free you may

Freelance Writing

Outside of Niche Marketing, there are so many platforms that have opened opportunities for people to stay at home and make big cash. Remember, I am not talking about “get rich quick schemes”. Somehow I do not subscribe to these, (get rich quick schemes). I firmly believe that anything you do get too easy will go in the same way and most times leave you embarrassed.
What do you think about freelance writing? There are several platforms that arePerson Using Laptop offering freelancers and work at home moms and fathers, the opportunity to make a living with their skill. If you like to write, these are where you should want to turn. There are opportunities in different categories such as writing, graphics, website designs or programming. You can sign up to start making a reasonable income that will help you to realize your financial goals, pay your bills and take care of your family.

Dоіng Some Other Marketing

You can do some other marketing by selling unwanted items that you have in your household.
There is always the tendency to accumulate much clutter in our homes. It is а good idea tо clear out the kitchen, rooms, closets, and garage periodically. Remember that it is not safe for children to be around clutter. Not safe for you either. Their environment must be clean, clear and spacious. (Connect to link on Environment page)

Therefore, organize а garage sale. Go through уоur bookshelf. If уоu do а lot оf reading, get rid оf books that уоu hаvе no uѕе for. Pеrhарѕ уоu have stacks оf old comics оr magazines thаt уоu have not opened for a long time and you have no nееd for. Whаtеvеr іt іѕ уоu feel no by cleared out, do it. Sоmеone out thеrе іѕ ѕurе to take an interest in it. People аrе аlwауѕ interested to ѕее what stuff іѕ bеіng cleared out and what thеу mау need.

A garage sale оr listing periodically іѕ а great idea оf hоw tо mаkе money іn bad economy.
You may ask yourself how sustainable is the garage sale. The fact is, it does not offer much sustainability. Most times, it is a periodic venture, but it can help you to get your feet off the ground until better comes.

I am certain that there are other means by which we can make reasonable incomes. I am thinking of legitimate income. Please let me hear from you about other things that you know can be done from an income. We can learn from one another. “Iron sharpens iron.”
I would also like to leave you with one last thought. Many persons do not realize that the cost of food is something to pay close attention to Many times the cheaper foodstuffs are the things that you do get more health benefits from. I am thinking about nutritive values.

In times like these, we do not look at what the Jones’ do. Therefore, it is always good to seek out food with great nutritive values. Read about the food you eat, see what it has to offers you. If the health benefits are great, those are the food to buy. Even if many persons do not buy it. As long as your stomach can take it, and it will do you good, buy it. It is good to eat for value and not for trash.

Please do remember if there is no medical stipulation for you regarding breastfeeding, the breast is the best exclusively for six months. Begin immediately after birth.

Do not forget that there are some foods labelled as no good by some persons. These foods may be sold at cheaper prices and are not bought by many persons. In truth and in fact, these foods may have great health benefits. They may be sold cheaper because they may not be widely bought. You may need to take a second look at these.

Please tell me what you think. I need to hear from you. Let me have your comments.

How a Mother Examines Her Baby

While at home she thought of what went through her mind.  It was a snap examination of her baby. She did this all by herself while she was in the hospital.

The woman in pregnancy is bombarded from day to day about what her baby would be like, who will the baby resemble, will it be born a normal and healthy child.

How a Mother Examines Her Baby

Opening her eyes, her first thought was to reach for her baby. This she did. She examined its face, body arms and feet.   The baby’s eyes were closed. She will find time to see those eyes. It was breathing delicately and timely.   What was she looking for?

About then she looked back at its head. She examined the hair, its texture.  She saw that it was good.  She moved quickly to the actual face.  She saw that there was no distortion.  A quick look at its head revealed that her previous glance of her child before she fell asleep had revealed  a misshaped head.

Now everything looked fine.  The head appears to be normal.  It was a reasonable size for a newborn. I must agree that the baby’s journey through the birth canal can contribute to its head being misshaped for a while.  This then becomes normal.

Quickly her thoughts jumped to “I hope the baby can hear”.  She saw that the baby’s two ears appeared to be normal. She knows that there stands the likelihood that if the child is not hearing, it will be unable to speak. How was she to know this?  She asked herself.

Then something came to her mind.  She snapped her finger at its ears. The baby  responded but not in the way she wanted.    Only a slight movement was made.  There was the movement of the eyes even though the eyes were still closed.  She comforted herself by saying: At least there was a response maybe the baby can see.  She also thought that at a later date she would be able to check the baby’s eyes and ears.

Every woman wants a normal healthy baby.   She was looking for a normal healthy child. The mother was not finished.  She held one of the neonate’s hands and gently counted the fingers.  She did the same to the other.  All seemed well.  There were ten fingers, five on each hand.  They were all looking normal as they were proportionately sized and ordered. Her examination of the hands assured her that her baby will have the capability of using its hands.  The baby’s hands and arms were good.

She then moved to the child’s lower body.  Her eyes surveyed the trunk of the body.  Everything looked good.  Where else was she to look?  Oh, she thought, let me look at the genital.  In my opinion, that is a very important area to examine.  Why is this so? I have known at least two persons who have had abnormal genitals. These persons were allowed to grow up to teenage without anything  done about it.

Some Abnormalities That May be Seen at Birth

The mother had the thought to examine her baby for abnormalities.   Therefore, this mother is most likely to see to it that, what is to be done, will be done to correct any on toward situation.  For genital abnormalities, the earlier these are addressed the better it is for all affected and concerned.

Some of the  genital defects that may arise are ambiguous genital, a fusion of the labia, structure that appeared to be a small penis attached, undescended testes, enlarged clitoris which sometimes gives the appearance of a penis. Urethral opening may also be located in unusual places at the genital area.  Ambiguous genitals make it difficult or somewhat difficult to differentiate if the baby is truly boy or girl.   There are also other types of birth defects that may occur.

Genital defects should be reported  as early as they are found.If these are things that can not be addressed  at a tender age then an appointed time will be set for this.   There are persons who do not report these defects  for medical attention because of fear of embarrassment and stigma.

These are sensitive issues and is understood by the medical team as such. Most of these cases are handled by a team of specialists along with situation specific counselling. Babies that are born in a reputable birth unit are most times examined by the paediatrician before discharge.

However, somethings are firstly seen by the watchful eyes of the mother.  She and family members will have some serious decisions to make concerning the issue. This cannot be over-emphasized.

Continuing her examination of her baby, the mother looked at the lower extremities.  Many thoughts ran through her mind.  These were questions that some could only be answered by “Time,” (not someone’s name, but terms of days months and years).  For example: When will these feet walk with me to the door? When will these feet be able to go to school?  If I were asked these questions, I would have answered: “Soon>”  In a short while from then, this child will be going to school.  “Time waits for no man”.

To her, the legs and feet were looking normal. Each foot had five toes and the were proportionately formed and ordered.   This day, she remembered that She had to make a keen examination of the baby’s eyes again.  This she had to do approximately a weeks after her first examination of her baby in the hospital.

She made sure her hands were clean. Then she delicately examined the lids of the eyes and the eyeballs.  Everything seemed okay to her.  There was no pus in the eyes. Of course, there was also no swelling of the eyelids.

The eyes were vital organs and were necessary for her to examine.  Who would want their baby to be at risk of infection to the eyes and to go unnoticed?  This would also cause the baby to be at risk for blindness.  But Oh no, the possibility exist that the baby could have picked up a serious infection while coming through the birth canal.

This would have been possible if the mother had infections.  Infections such as Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonococcus organisms.  One must realise that disinfecting the exterior of the genital would not have taken care of the interior of the birth canal or genitalia, for some organisms.  The fact also is that the mother could have been infected with the organisms and do not know. These organisms can cause an illness called Opthalmia neonatorum.  If untreated it  may cause blindness.

But let us, look at this.   Because of the seriousness of these organisms and the problem that they can cause to the baby’s eyes, great care is taken to treat the baby’s eyes immediately after birth.  But did the mother know this?  She could have known.   However,  she was still making sure that all was well.

Therefore, it is a wise mother who does her own examination of her baby, regardless of what was done by the nursing staff.  Mothers do not always know in these cases of what was done or may not have been done.  Mothers do fall asleep after labour.  This mother satisfied herself by doing a physical examination of her own baby, to note that all is well with her child as far as she could see.

There is so much to look at on your newborn.  What were your expectations? Every mother’s expectation is always to have a healthy and normal baby.

Therefore over and over she will examine her child.  She will probably move her hands  across the baby’s face to see if the infant winks a little.  Then she will think: “O yes my baby is seeing”.  Furthermore, she may want  to snap her finger near to the ears to see if there are indications to say the child is hearing.  Lower extremities are also examined for any deformities.

You will agree that mothers go through periods of anxieties on the birth of their babies. tell me, what do you think? Please let me hear from you.