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My name is Pansy and I have created this site to share information about baby and mother. As a mother, I have come to realize that even before a pregnancy and during pregnancy the woman has thoughts about every aspect of life that she feels will impact on her newborn baby. In my area of work I have also had women sharing issues that concern them regarding child bearing and the outcome of their pregnancies.
These issues at times can become burdensome. However, some mothers do not consider the things that may affect their babies’ well-being. Therefore, even if the mommies do not think about these things there are certain issues that are important to bring to the forefront as they can affect both mommy and baby.

I am very passionate about looking at these concerns on a wider community and also to offer some recommendations and solutions.
Most important is the fact that I have great interest in the youths. I see them as being very important to the future. To me, the young person is an icon to the world and should be taken care of from the start, even before conception. That is how serious I see it. Proper preparation should be made for them.
If preparation is not made prior to conception, much ‘catching up’, can be done from the womb…..I hesitated to finish by saying even up to the tomb. However, I will say if all is done well for the infant he or she will live to be a healthy adult.
Therefore, we will be addressing issues associated with these two important beings, mother and child. The aim is for mommy to keep healthy and to have a healthy baby.
You and I will look towards the well-being of the young ones. I will also invite your input by commenting and asking questions.

Best wishes
Founder of:About Your Baby and You

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  1. I think your website is interesting. Hoping to get a lot more from your site as times go by. Love it good. Have interesting informations.

  2. This seems to be a very interesting site. I’m happy to see you are using your time to help mommies today to prepare for their little ones before they come to this terrible world. Mothers and fathers alike should make this their first priority to look forward to planning their families so the little ones can be well taking care of and feel accepted and loved.

    1. Hi Caren, thanks for visiting. It is good that you find the site interesting. It is my joy to provide this information. I trust you will visit again.

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