Baby and You in a Bad Economy

At this point in time parents maybe be asking themselves what will happen next or what will we have to do for us and our baby to survive the harsh economic crisis.

It must be noted that much planning might have been put into combatting certain situations such as, been able to provide fully for a family, including the newborn. So many thoughts will have to go into planning for the baby and you inMommy and Baby a bad economy.

There are so many persons who were employed.  Then, a critical thing  happened.   The father’s position was made redundant before the baby was born or shortly after its birth. It may be a case that the company with which the father works had to lay off staff because of the weak economy.

Many companies, even established multi-national and small scale companies are undergoing mergers or declaring bankruptcy and many have closed. Even home- based businesses are closing. The price of raw material to work with has been out of reach for some companies.

Again, and again, there will be much consideration as to the question of survival: How can I and my baby survive in this bad economy?

In this article, suggestions will be made as to the different ways that parents looking for a way how to make money in a bad economy can participate and make some cash to survive economically.

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is one of the currently and largely popular ways of how to make money in a bad economy. If you are one of those persons who use the internet sparingly, it will help if you make it a point to engage the internet usage a lot more for you benefit. Niche Marketing does not require a whole lot of expertise to succeed in. It is important though for you to be an innovative thinker.
The key is to identify a need that you can meet or a problem for which you can provide a solution. In that way, you would have also established a target group to which you will cater to.

Many persons stay at home moms or fathers who may want to stay at home and spend time with their families do engage in niche marketing. I will use this opportunity to recommend one of the most popular Niche marketing platforms.

This is Wealthy Affiliate. At Wealthy Affiliate, you will be taught how to build your own website. You will also be given the opportunity in trying the programme for a time for free to see if you would like it. If you do or do not, the decision is yours.   You may either stay or go without cost.
Wealthy Affiliate can help you to be able to increase your financial yield and be able to meet your commitments and survive with your baby and the rest of the family.
If you would like to try this programme for free you may

Freelance Writing

Outside of Niche Marketing, there are so many platforms that have opened opportunities for people to stay at home and make big cash. Remember, I am not talking about “get rich quick schemes”. Somehow I do not subscribe to these, (get rich quick schemes). I firmly believe that anything you do get too easy will go in the same way and most times leave you embarrassed.
What do you think about freelance writing? There are several platforms that arePerson Using Laptop offering freelancers and work at home moms and fathers, the opportunity to make a living with their skill. If you like to write, these are where you should want to turn. There are opportunities in different categories such as writing, graphics, website designs or programming. You can sign up to start making a reasonable income that will help you to realize your financial goals, pay your bills and take care of your family.

Dоіng Some Other Marketing

You can do some other marketing by selling unwanted items that you have in your household.
There is always the tendency to accumulate much clutter in our homes. It is а good idea tо clear out the kitchen, rooms, closets, and garage periodically. Remember that it is not safe for children to be around clutter. Not safe for you either. Their environment must be clean, clear and spacious. (Connect to link on Environment page)

Therefore, organize а garage sale. Go through уоur bookshelf. If уоu do а lot оf reading, get rid оf books that уоu hаvе no uѕе for. Pеrhарѕ уоu have stacks оf old comics оr magazines thаt уоu have not opened for a long time and you have no nееd for. Whаtеvеr іt іѕ уоu feel no by cleared out, do it. Sоmеone out thеrе іѕ ѕurе to take an interest in it. People аrе аlwауѕ interested to ѕее what stuff іѕ bеіng cleared out and what thеу mау need.

A garage sale оr listing periodically іѕ а great idea оf hоw tо mаkе money іn bad economy.
You may ask yourself how sustainable is the garage sale. The fact is, it does not offer much sustainability. Most times, it is a periodic venture, but it can help you to get your feet off the ground until better comes.

I am certain that there are other means by which we can make reasonable incomes. I am thinking of legitimate income. Please let me hear from you about other things that you know can be done from an income. We can learn from one another. “Iron sharpens iron.”
I would also like to leave you with one last thought. Many persons do not realize that the cost of food is something to pay close attention to Many times the cheaper foodstuffs are the things that you do get more health benefits from. I am thinking about nutritive values.

In times like these, we do not look at what the Jones’ do. Therefore, it is always good to seek out food with great nutritive values. Read about the food you eat, see what it has to offers you. If the health benefits are great, those are the food to buy. Even if many persons do not buy it. As long as your stomach can take it, and it will do you good, buy it. It is good to eat for value and not for trash.

Please do remember if there is no medical stipulation for you regarding breastfeeding, the breast is the best exclusively for six months. Begin immediately after birth.

Do not forget that there are some foods labelled as no good by some persons. These foods may be sold at cheaper prices and are not bought by many persons. In truth and in fact, these foods may have great health benefits. They may be sold cheaper because they may not be widely bought. You may need to take a second look at these.

Please tell me what you think. I need to hear from you. Let me have your comments.

4 thoughts on “Baby and You in a Bad Economy”

  1. Hi Pansy, and thanks for your advice. I so can relate to your scenario, as when I went on maternity some 4 weeks after my son was born, his father lost his job, and that had such an enormous and unexpected impact on our already very low income, to put strain on the relationship and also cause me some mild ‘baby blues’, and force me to return to work full time much sooner than I had planned. This was some 16 moons ago, but I wish at the time I had come across advice such as the one you give in your pages, as I would have certainly given it a go. Giulia 🙂

    1. Thanks for chiming in. I do understand the situation, as these things happen ever so often. It was like getting the unexpected. Sometimes we do try by preparing ourselves to bridge the gap, But then, something happened and things seem to blow up. However, it was good that after all, you overcame. Believe it or not it was in you to overcome the situation. You dug deep to draw on inner strength even after “the blues.”

      Believe it or not sometimes when these things happen it shows us the unused gear and drive we have in us to be an over-comer. Guila, I want to thank you for visiting. Your participation here will serve as an encouragement to others who may find themselves in situations such as these. I appreciate your visit. Thanks for sharing. I invite you to come again. Thanks..

  2. You give several different options for new parents to earn some money, from niche marketing, freelance writing and garage sales. Very informative in your post and you give all the knowledge to know which option to go with. Whether we chose to sell our stuff or do work online. A great read indeed. Thanks.

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