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It is truly baby’s homecoming. The baby has finally arrived.  Born to see a host of personalities.  Yet the baby has no memory from whence it came.  Your baby has arrived in a whole new world.   The world which has its good and its bad.  Yet, this is home to your newborn child. This post will offer some tips for its homecoming.

You may be thinking of your child in an unfriendly world.  Unfriendly because there are many challenges.  Yet at the same time a world which you and your baby will have to live.  You will have to make the best of it for yourself and your child.

You must try to make the bad, good and the good better, the better best and then maintain the best situation.   This is your duty.    Mother, father and family members must work together to make the child happy and to be at its best as he or she grows.

Very often I have heard first parents say that they had to put away the  lifestyles that they used to have immediately before having their babies.  They had to cultivate new lifestyles.  This they had to do because they had to set good examples for their children by fostering a good life.

Talking to them as often as I have heard this I did learn much.  Some mothers say that they were accustomed to being spendthrifts but having a child they had to look at things in different ways.  Baby has to be taken care of.  Money is also vital to the upbringing of the child.

The car now pulls up at the gateway to the house. The baby is well dressed in its  homecoming outfit and is well hooded to take its first outdoor trip.  It is expectedBaby Homecoming that the baby is warmly dressed as it is not at all acclimatised to being on the
outside world as yet.  This would be more so if it were in the cold season or cold areas.  Therefore, the choice of clothing is particularly of importance for the baby’s homecoming.

Prior to this arrival, there should be someone home who has been trying to ensure that:

  1. The baby’s nursery is in good order.  The bassinet is freshly and properly made with clean soft baby linen (blanket, and other necessary things).
  2. Mommy’s bed is also properly made and waiting for her to occupy it.   Mommy must also remember, though, that walking around can be very beneficial.
  3. Facilitate relaxation for the new mother.  It is most times noticeable that mommy is more relaxed at home than in the hospital.  As long as she is in no undue pain she will always be relaxed in her own domain.  Often times, if she had been in a private unit before coming home she might have wanted to see more people than just a selected number of family members. That is if she is a person who is extremely sociable. On the other hand, she may not want to have many persons around her, because she is a private person. being at home allows the situation to be tempered with likes and dislikes.   The situation that is desired should offer rest and relaxation for both baby and mother.
  4. Whatever the situation do not disturb the mother or baby if they are sleeping to meet the visitors.  Visitors may be encouraged to take a peep silently and to come again.  The mother needs energy and everything to contend with the baby who is likely to get miserable at times especially at nights.
  5. Importantly, the caregiver must also rest.  A good thing to do is that caregivers can ‘steal’ even a nap when baby and mother are sleeping.
  6. The caregiver should prepare meals on time for the mother as she will be ready to feed the baby from the breast.  That is if breastfeeding is not a medical stipulation.
  7. Keep hands and clothings, clean at all times.  Mother and caregiver must practice good personal hygiene.  Remember that the hands are agents of spread for infections.
  8. Persons holding baby should also do using a blanket or a towel to form a barrier between baby and person. The aim is to reduce or prevent transferer of germs carried on clothing.

Can you imagine the scene when the family members, the older family member I should say visit the baby for the first time?   I guess you will not realise one of the most outstanding things that they are there to see.  I must interject that not only will family members do this but friends will too.

Have you finished considering the answer to this question?  I will tell you, but this is the deal.  You will have to give me your opinion on this, my answer.   Here it is.  Their first observation is to see who the baby resembles.

The matter of whose nose, eyes and so forth the child has.  Some will not be contented because the baby was not seen as having their nose or eyes or lips.  Some will be downright jealous because others thought the baby had beautiful eyes and it is theirs.  Whatever the situation, everyone will be very happy for both mother and child.

You will realise also that the baby homecoming serves as a family reunion on both sides of the family.  These are the maternal and paternal sides.  Friends of Baby Homecomingboth sides are usually thrown in the mix as well.  Therefore, do not be surprised if some persons arranged for the fire, the food and the music. It is party time for baby homecoming!!

Overall, the baby’s homecoming is something that everyone looks forward to and see as a grand happy time for family and friends.   For some persons, the homecoming is the best time for them to give or shower the baby with gifts.  While others would have already given their gifts while the mother was pregnant.

Regardless of what will be said and done, it is important that the baby should be held with clean hands. A clean and noise free (better to say a reasonable level of noise or chattering)  environment is good for the baby).

I welcome your comments on this post concerning baby’s homecoming.  Do you have anything that you would want to add to this?

You may want share with other readers about baby’s homecoming in your culture.  I would like to hear from you about this as there may be cultural issues concerning baby’s homecoming in some areas. For example special things done on this particular time- baby’s  homecoming.

Please let me have your comments.


6 thoughts on “Baby Homecoming Tips”

  1. I seem young but I do have a 3month daughter. I’m at home right know and trying to help my wife with the kid and other house holds. you are sooo right it is hard special the first time. and I totally agree that sleep is one of the most important thing for mother and caretaker. because if you don’t sleep you will go insane special if your baby is cranky. drink Chamomile tea if you frustrated angry or just done with the baby. it will help to come you down:)!!!
    thank you for the post that is very important

    1. Hi Alex. I know what. You better believe it. I think you are young and very wise. You really have it going good. You are doing the right thing and I agree with everything you have said. Keep up the good work. Thank you for the visit and please come again.

  2. Hey this is a rally good post on a babies homecoming. I agree with everything you have to say here, especially making sure its a good homecoming for the mom too. She’s probably in the most need of a nice and relaxing homecoming. Having everything in good order and prepared is essential.

    The last thing you want to do is have to work when you just gave birth. So everything should be ready and you should be able to relax.

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