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Product: The Medela Pump in Style-Advanced Breast Pump

Cheapest Place to Buy: Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote

Price: $205.00

Weight:  7 pounds, Shipping 8.2 pounds

Product Dimension: 10x5x7 inches

Warranty: 60 days, from day of Purchase

My Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Review-Pump in Style AdvanceProduct Overview

The Medela Pump in Style-Advanced Breast Pump with On-the-Go Tote

All is said and done about breastmilk being the best milk or food for the baby for the first six months of its life, and even for longer.  Therefore, I will rewind and say it is best especially for the first six months.   It may be given to the child even for longer.  Though not exclusively.

The baby must have additional food along with breast milk, the best milk.  Further to that, the baby’s meals such as its porridge or any of its creamed meal can also take a little breastmilk in it.  Most babies still like to have their breastmilk even after six months.  Why not? That is the first food  they knew.   For some, it is a long and lasting love affair.

All being good, mommy has just a short time to stay at home with the baby.  There is the consideration that she has to go back to work or school. Let us be real, work or no work or school, sometimes mommy has to  go places that she cannot take the  baby with her.  Baby’s ready meal has to be stored in order that it may be properly served as the demand arises.

What better way to have this done than to have a Medela Pump In Style Advanced double electronic breast pump. The Pump Instyle Advanced Breast Pump is one which can withstand everyday usage and is suitable for double pumping.  It does well for the persons who have to express breastmilk frequently. It can stand up to frequent usage.

Its portable all in one feature makes it easy to be taken anywhere with you.  This makes it convenient to provide baby’s food easily anywhere there is a plugged in facility for a power source.  It can also be operated on AA batteries. Never a dull moment for this unit.

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump does not facilitate Handsfree pumping of breast milk.  However, hands-free milking is not missed since this pump makes up for the absence of that feature.   This is what it has:  Greater suction ability; it has speed, uses less time to deliver breastmilk at a higher volume than other pumps which are hands-free.

Handsfree is not missed!!

When you can get more milk for less time the hands-free is not missed. To top it all, this makes the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump the pump of choice.   It prevents anxiety before it starts, and there is no need to rush or think about workload.  It cuts time by doing what it has to do with speed.  The Pump In Style Advanced allows the user the ability to  command control of speed and volume. It does not facilitate spillage.

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump simulates the sucking rhythm of the baby and increases the let down reflex of the mother’s milk.

The pump has a 2-phase expression built in technology.  Some persons may not like when it goes into the second phase. As pointed out before it simulates the sucking action of the baby.

Whenever it goes into its second phase of breast milk pumping it gets slow (just in the same way as the baby sucks).  All to be done is, if you want to speed this up, switch the machine (the pump) off and switch it on right back again.

It will then go into the first phase of pumping (this is the fast phase).   This happens because of its 2-phase built in expression technology. However, the slower, deeper suction on the machine is at the time when more milk comes out of the breast.

The faster sucking time is that time that fosters massaging, and the stimulation of the breast to bring down more milk.  Therefore, you can do what you want the pump to do by switching the machine on and off or restart. But at the time that it pumped breastmilkis going slower that is the time when more milk would be coming down.

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced  makes up for some of the features that other breast pumps have that it does not have.    It has no digital display with memory, timer, nor backlight.  Yet it is fast and its suction is strong and the yield is good. It does not have a rechargeable battery.

Do Not Watch the Cost Watch What You Get!!

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump worth its grain in cash. It is value for money.

You get:

  • Volume and speed
  • Desirable amount of breast milk expressed in less time. Leaving more time to do other things
  • Strong suction and this feature is second to no other breast pump of its kind
  • Double or single pumping
  • Portable all-in-one
  • No spillage or dripping on your clothes while expressing the breast milk.
  • Easy to clean apparatus
  • Convenience
  • Durability.
  • Its parts are made with BPA free material and do not allow leeching of particular harmful toxins into the breast milk.
  • Up/Down Button helps you to control the vacuum to reach your comfort level to make the milk flow best
  • You are also provided with accompanying accessories: On the go Tote bag with built in pump for convenience,  non-spill bottles holder, storage bag, 2 additional bottles

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump is really somewhat costly and could have been a little lighter in weight, but I think it will make life much easier and without the anxiety that would have been present without it.

I trust that this review was very useful to you and you will find this machine what you wanted it to be for you.  You will see it as a great saving and  a tool for facilitating that important need to your beloved baby.

Remember that  at you will get the cheapest pump.  I still recommend that you shop around and satisfy yourself.

I want to encourage you to keep in touch with me and to ask questions. I will give you prompt feedback as the needs arise.  Please ask your questions and make your comments in my comment section below.


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  1. The template you’ve chosen has the look and feel of a baby’s room. Your review of the product was very comprehensive and it seems to have been written from the perspective of someone who has an intimate knowledge of the importance of breast feeding, being the best way to raise a healthy child.

    1. Thank you very much for your comments, Raphael. I appreciate this much. Tell me however, do you think the information will warrant conversion?

  2. Hello Pansy!

    Congratulations! Your website is very rich on content that will certainly help a lot moms and future moms taking care of their babies in every stages!
    It sure helped me to know more on very important subjects about both mother and baby health, considering that this is a very sensitive matter!
    Thank you for sharing this helpfull information within your website!

    1. Hi Tiago, thanks much for your visit and your kind words. I am happy that you found the information useful.

      Please tell me, what is your consideration about mothers going back to school and work with having the use of a breast pump to express and leave the best food then for their babies?

      I do appreciate your visit. If you have a question or a comment you are free to ask and I will make every effort to attend to them.

      Thanks again for your visit.

  3. Hi There,

    I think breast pump is a great idea because it allows women to breast feed when it is not convenient to do so yet still give her baby the breast milk.

    Breast pumps also allow a nursing mother to breast feed longer and reach that idea age, 2 years old that doctors recommend. Often of women it can be painful to breast feed, one reason being teeth!

    1. Hi Derek, you are so right. The breast pump acts as a pacifier when the baby starts to enjoy biting the breast.

      Thanks for your visit and your participation. Please come again.

  4. Your website was very informative, my cousin is having a baby in three months and this would be something she would look into.

  5. Well thought out information. This is great for new mothers who don’t have a clue as to what to do or what is ahead if them when the decision to breast feed takes place. The site is very warm and obviously is targeted to new mothers. I think you’ve accomplished this and on a topic that I would have never thought of.

    1. Thanks for visiting and for your kind words and also for reaching out to other readers about the breast pump.

      I trust you will continue to participate. Please come again.

  6. I totally agree! After four kids and several breast pumps and this was my favorite. I definitely noticed I got more milk when I pumped with this and other brands. The bag it comes with is very helpful for pumping on the go to work. I highly recommend this product to new moms especially working moms!

  7. Hello,

    I enjoyed your review and I found it very informative, useful, well-written and detailed. Even if I am not concerned yet because I don’t have children, I am deeply interested in this kind of stuff. By the way, I love your theme – very appeasing, feminine and maternal. I think you did a good choice! Keep up the good job!

    1. Thanks for visiting. I do appreciate your observations and your interest. I wish you all the best when your time for having children comes. Thanks again for participating. Please come again.

  8. What a complete review on Medela breast pump. This is a topic that is so sensitive to a lot of women. I know that when my younger sister had her baby last year, we spent so much time trying to figure out which breast pump to use. Wish I had seen this then. Keep up the good job, providing useful information to mothers. I really enjoyed visiting this website. By the way, your website look and feel is amazing!

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting. Your kind words are appreciated. A breast pump can be a very important thing to a mom especially a new mom. So many mothers depend on it. Not only for providing the babies with the much needed meals while they are away. The breast pump also helps if the mother is prone to breast engorgement. There are some women who produce much milk, plus, plus. Sometimes the baby is unable to manage the volume. Therefore, there comes the time when the mother has to depend on this important apparatus for comfort, and also to prevent aches and pains from an unmanageable full breast.

      Thanks again for visiting. Please come again.

  9. Hi Pansy,
    You certainly have an amazing site. It is clear and simple to navigate. I do not think it will be a lie to admit that your review is the best review I’ve ever seen. I’ve not read other reviews on the breast pump, but your style stands out.
    At the beginning, you gave a professional summary of what to expect. For me, that said it all. At a glance, I saw your rating and a summary of its features.
    That’s so nice of you.
    Any mother who needs a breast pump certainly will have to consider this.
    Well done! Keep it up

    1. Thanks for your kind words and your visit. Remember, you are welcome to visit the site at all times. Please come again.

  10. I never understood how there can be such a dramatic price difference for different retailers that are all selling the exact same product, looked into this item at Walmart and you have to pay almost $300!
    It’s nice to get an in depth review on a product that costs so much. I personally tried out the Dr. Brown breast pump system myself and did so without reading any reviews, I wish I had, I would not recommend it to anyone in the market for a pump! This product has rave reviews and is a trusted brand with breastfeeding moms everywhere.

    1. Hi thanks for visiting. Your observations serve as an endorsement of the quality of the product. I have found out from time to time that getting information about products especially from those who have used or researched the product is the best thing to do.

      The expectations of the product and what it can do for you is key. Of course quality and price are the things that matter most.

      Thanks for visiting and for your input. Please come again.

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