The Environment and The Baby


The environment is one of the determinants of health. The baby quality of life is also dependent on environmental factors. Everyone, even without the stretch of the imagination can understand the extent the environment can impact on the baby’s well-being.

The environment is one of the determinants of health. The baby quality of life is also dependent on environmental factors. Everyone, even without the stretch of the imagination can understand the extent the environment can impact on the baby’s well-being.

The environment or surrounding has its elements which contribute to an active healthful life or a life of ill-health. These two (health or ill-health) somewhat depend on the contribution and responsibilities of constituents within the environment. The natural factors of the environment such as weather and location are of importance. The big deal about the environment is that human beings have the ability to manipulate and adapt to the environment to their benefits. In this case, the baby depends on others to do what is to be done in order that a positive impact will be placed on his or her health.

It cannot be over-emphasized that health is a social responsibility. Taking care of the environment is really and truly the duty of everyone. This is to say that human beings play an important aspect of what happens in the environment and the effect it has on our lives.
In the examination of our main focus, (the baby’s health and well-being) things have to be properly done so that the environment will not impact on the baby negatively. Defenses have to be made against diseases. Holistically, consideration must be given to the baby’s physical, social, mental and medical well-being. The child’s environment is wide based on involving play activities and communication, both internally and externally.

Within the child’s environment, the household and external setting must be examined. Activities should be aimed at preventing communicable diseases and minimizing or preventing the risk of injury or non-communicable illnesses (such as accidental poisoning).

Therefore with the foregoing in mind the following tips to ensure the child’s well-being are of importance.

Tips to Ensure the Child Well-being in the Environment

• The baby’s household setting should be free from clutter
• The nursery should not have unnecessary furniture
• Nursery should be airy and clean at all times

It must be borne in mind that a clutter-free nursery and the house in general.  Adequate air passage is desirable and healthy for the newborn and older
children. Are not these the same requirements for adults? Yes, this is good for everyone. How do you feel about this?

• The house should be free from rodents and insects
• Proper sanitation, to include refuse disposal, a proper sewage disposal system should be adhered to at all times.

This will prevent disease-causing agents from contaminating household articles, such as utensils and clothing among other things.
• Utensils used in baby care should be protected from contamination.
Be reminded that exclusively breastfed babies do not need bottles, cups, dishes and other such things. However, babies that are not being breastfed for
particular reasons, their baby care utensils should be properly sterilized by a suitable sterilization agent.                                                                          Hygiene Practice-Wash Hands

• Good personal hygiene must be practiced by everyone within the household.
Remember too, hand washing is key to disease prevention.

Prevention of Accidental Poisoning

• Drugs should be kept far out of children’s reach. Do not underestimate a child’s ability to move further than you think.
• Pesticides, insecticides, cleaning agents, cosmetics, over the counter drugs and other hazardous materials should be kept out of children’s reach.

Remember that some things that may be seen as harmless can be very toxic. Some cosmetics can be mistakenly taken for chocolate candies by small children.

• If the child ingests hazardous material, seek medical assistance immediately.

• Seek medical assistance even in cases of the spillage of hazardous material on the skin.

Spillage of hazardous material on the skin should also be considered serious even if no immediate sign/symptoms are noticed.
• Spraying of hazardous materials should be done or handled by professional persons.

Household Pipes and Water Quality

• Bathroom doors must be kept closed at all times.
• All pipe taps should be tightly turned off.

Creeping or children walking around enjoy the sound that water makes when they play in it.
Unknowing to many persons, If left available, the water in the toilet bowl and bath tubs are convenient spots for babies to play and also take an “unusual swim”. These leave children at risk for contracting diseases and risk for drowning.

Water and water quality are of great importance to the young child particularly to those under five years old. Untreated water can be a source of many diseases.
Your health municipality is the agency with responsibility for treated or potable water into the homes.
• Boil drinking water and water to wash fruits and vegetables. All drinking water may be boiled to ensure that it is potable.
Remember, the exclusively breastfed babies six months and under do not have to get water since this is adequately provided in the breast milk.

Widen Your Child’s Environment

The child’s widened environment addresses the child’s cognitive development. The child should be allowed to meet other friends and relatives. Exposing the child to socialize is good. However, this should be done with great discretion. Know well who you are exposing your child to. Remember the child should always be in your care.
The importance of play activities cannot be over-emphasized.
The exposure to toys is of importance. Pay special attention to the materials which make them.
The material should not carry any risk of injury or be made of anything deleterious to the infant’s well-being.
Toys should be age related.
Visit with the child to other areas outside the home. Help the infant to see the wider environment.
Do not visit in areas where there are the risks of contracting communicable diseases.

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  1. Really visually appealing website theme, You definitely state valid points in your article. Atmosphere and surroundings play an important role for a developing child.

    There is obviously no perfect way to raise a child, i’m sure though your strategies would benefit in many ways.

    How many kids have you raised?

    Good job!



    1. Hi Benji,

      Thank you for visiting. Thanks also for your encouragement and kind words. I do agree with you that there is no perfect way to raise children. However, we are guided by what is right and what is wrong, somehow. We have always to have to look at what have worked and what may or will work again. As individuals, there is also the matter of case sensitivity. People are different and are most times driven by their passion.

      I like your question. That’s easy. I have four children. Two boys and two girls. They arrived in this sequence. A boy, a girl a boy a girl.

      Thanks again. My invitation for your revisit stands open.

  2. Hi there,

    Nice article , I really enjoyed reading it!
    I have two beautiful children and both of them have grow up in the best environment. We live near the sea and the air is absolutely fantastic. However, My daughter used to play with cats , dogs, and all kind of animals in the garden. She was most of the time naked and playing with mud … in one word, she was not as clean as her brother. I would like to mention that my daughter is much stronger and healthier than her brother. A doctor explained to me that not being so sterile (Free from bacteria) strengthens the immune system, which were proven on my children. I kept my son away from dirt all the time and he is very sensitive to anything and get sick quicker.
    Now maybe it’s just a coincidence ?
    What do you think?
    Thank you for this awesome blog

    1. Hi Daniella, thank you for your comments and your kind words.

      Playing with animals will not affect the child, unless the child is particularly allergic to them. That is by things that they carry on their bodies (allergens). Not all persons are allergic to certain things. Some persons are more sensitive than others. It is quite clear that if she was having adverse effects from these animals she maybe would have shied away from them. From your description she is a very active child. Great!

      People do have different immune system or as some persons would refer to as having stronger constitution.than others. I do agree with the doctor on the basis that there are organisms that one may develop immunity to, by having exposure to them. However, this still goes back to one;s strong immune system or constitution so to speak.

      I have four children and my first daughter is allergic to quite a number of things, including cats and dogs and even some foods. Whereas as, of the others there are no known allergies.

      I thank you again for your comments and look forward for your revisits.

  3. Great tips on keeping your baby safe in it’s environment. I think, well I should say I hope, that a baby would not be put in the situation where there house was full of clutter or even full of rodents. I would hope all parents would want to keep their children safe, healthy and happy. Kids are curious by nature so keeping medicines, cleaners and poisons out of reach is a must.

    1. Hi Kristie,

      Thanks for visiting. Certainly it is the best way to go. However, whenever these things do happen it is not a matter that it is deliberate, but there are circumstances. The other thing also is that some situations/circumstances become chronic and are taken for normal. Social problems at times do occur even in situations where they are least expected.

      Thanks for coming and I am looking forward for your revisit. I appreciate your input. My regards.

  4. I love your theme, I love your niche, I love the way you write! I also agree with you that we should pay attention to our babies’ environment, but not only on hygienic considerations, but also parenting, sentimental environment. When a baby is raised in a clean house full of love and free from negative feelings such as hate and jealousy, he/she will grow up magnificently!

    1. Thanks for visiting, your observation and kind words. I am so happy when one sees the importance of bringing up a child with all the necessary ingredients such as good parenting, a proper sentimental environment that portrays love among other good things.

      I must say again as you have said, love is so important. Love covers it all. I cannot over-emphasize that if children are not given love they in return will not have any love to given unless miracles are wrought in their lives. I stand on this.

      Thanks again for visiting. Thank you also for your valuable input. Please visit again.

  5. I understand that it is important that a baby’s house is free from clutter. All it takes is for the baby to pick up the wrong thing and they could injure themselves. Not only that but the parents could trip on clutter and an injured parent is certainly bad news for a baby.

    I’m also wondering what difference it makes where you live. For example, if you live in a city with lots of pollution, do you think a baby will grow up with more health problems such as asthma and allergies?

    1. Thanks for visiting and for you comments. I do agree with you that clutter can cause injuries both to parents and baby. It may also prevent the free flow of fresh air to the baby’s room. Free flow of clean fresh air is important to prevent infections. The baby’s well being is of great importance. Cluttering also harbour unwanted rodents and insects. These are not good for babies nor for anyone. They too cause diseases and in some cases acts as nuisance to the babies if they are around.

      Pollution do cause allergies, and to babies there is no difference. Pollution of all sorts do take a toll on children. Asthma and sinusitis are some of the common things that affect persons and babies a like. Dust nuisance is a major problem. Therefore a home in an area where there maybe a plant where major construction is being done may not be a right place. The fact is however, It is likely that not all babies in these areas maybe affected.

      There is also the case of allegies with skin rash manifestation from other things. As you know allergies maybe cause from different things and that different persons react to certain things. Therefore babies may react to things in bloom, etc. So for these babies in a farming area, at certain time of the year, (seaons) may not be in the right place when certain things are in bloom, or maybe harvesting time or so forth

      Speaking not only of allergies, but it should also be considered that it should also not be very prudent for one to want to live in areas or near where the rate of infectious diseases are in high proportion. In recent times so much care is being taken to see to the keeping of the incidence of infectious disease among adults and children in minimal or to have these disease nil.

      Thank you for visiting Marcus and thanks for your input. Please come again.

  6. you are absolutely right 🙂 the environment has an important role in our lives from babies 🙂 I think is the most important for your health to leave in the fresh air, in a clean atmosphere which is more and more difficult to find:)) The pollution is everywhere 🙂
    I loved reading your article and I will we would take care more about our planet, to respect the nature and be grateful for what it provides us 🙂

    1. I do endorse your comment. Of course, we really need to take better care of our environment. Cristina, thank you for visiting and also for your comment. Please come again.

  7. Pansy,
    Enjoyed this. I have two that are older and I remember those days. Very good reminders for new mothers. Can’t hurt to have reminders out there. The webpage is very clean and neat which reflects the tone of the work.

    I look forward to more.

    Great stuff here. When you do more maybe add some photos with a mother and child(ren). Very good!

    1. Thanks for visiting. Thanks also for your observation, encouragement, and recommendations. Let me encourage you to come again as it is my intention to put out much more interesting and needed information. Thanks again.

  8. I do not know if you realize your first paragraph is repeated a second time. Other wise it is a great site. No one really realizes how important the environment is to the well being of the baby. You did a great job on showing the reasons why and how to make sure that the baby stays healthy

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