What to Know About Childbearing

Let us get somewhat more interactive on this matter of what to know about childbearing. Therefore, I have another little exercise for you.

Below are some words used in the process of childbearing.   ( Broadly speaking childbirth is that process by which we make delivery of our reproduction and childbearing is the process of conception, carrying the product, (which in totality is reproduction) and the delivery of that fruit of reproduction.   I guess you would like to ask, where did I get that definition.  I would only answer to say that is my definition. That is, as I see it. Please receive my definition for what it is worth). Thank you.

I would ask that you discuss these words below with me by writing in to say what is your understanding or what you know about these words as it pertains to childbearing.

You may choose a word or two from below for discussion. I have chosen to discuss one of the words. That is Caesarean Section/Operation.   You may also add your piece of the story to this.

You may do so in the comments section below. You do not have to write as much as I did, on the word or words that you choose.

Doing it this way, we may be able to set up our little “childbirth dictionary” or our “Knowledge Well” on childbirth. It will also help us to see what you think or know and also what others understand.  I trust you will see this as fun while giving and receiving information, which will lead to education.  Let’s go!!

As I have said before these are some words regarding childbirth for discussion.

Antenatal (see Prenatal)





Birth canal





Caesarean (section, operation): Commonly referred to as C. Section is a major surgical procedure by which a baby is taken from the uterus(womb). This type of delivery is carried out when there are times of difficulties.

This intervention is a sparkle decision as it always serve as the best thing to do in most childbirth emergencies.  In most cases, the women started off in labour with an aim to have her baby naturally  via the birth canal.

However, during labour it is found that she has developed problems or, the baby is in undue distress for one reason or the other.  The ultimate and best thing  is for the doctor to decide on what to do for both the baby and the mother, or one or the other.

The Caesarean operation is done not only in cases of emergency but it is also done electively. It is also done electively because there are some persons who do baby-c sectionnot wish to labour or have their babies through the birth canal.  This is done for varying reasons too. Therefore, these persons chose to have a Caesarean Operation.

Can you think of some of the reasons why some women would like to have a Caesarean operation instead of one via the birth canal?  You may submit this feedback in the comments section below also.

In the Caesarean operation, an incision is made through the woman’s abdominal wall and to the uterus (womb).  The baby is then removed from the womb.  The placenta (afterbirth and other products of the pregnancy are also removed.  All necessary procedures of the operation, for example, contraction of the uterus to prevent over, bleeding are initiated.

The incisions are closed by stitching and everything properly looked after and the baby is prepared to greet mother as soon as she gets over her anaesthesia dosage.

Delivery (baby)



En utero








Multiple (births)


Morning sickness




Reproductive organs (female)
Reproductive organs (male)

Sitz Bath


2 thoughts on “What to Know About Childbearing”

  1. When I was pregnant, I was so afraid of having a c-section. Apart from the fact that it costs so much more, I attempted to watch videos of a c-section birth. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t take it… I got scared. My friend though had a planned c-section because her baby was in a breech position, and I think she also preferred that over normal north. So I think apart from medical reasons, having a c-section can also be by choice since your obstetrician will ask you your preferred birth method during one of your consultations.

    1. I do understand what you are saying. It is a fact that some persons are not conditioned to do the C-Section even for medical reasons. Nevertheless, if it is to be done, the best thing is to have it done.

      Raquel you are correct. On the other hand, some persons do elect to have the C-Section done because they are not prepared to labour.

      Thanks for visiting and also for participating. Please come again.

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